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“Our biggest gain with SERPS was the access to real-time data and tracking the impact of rankings as we make changes to website and backlink profiles. It’s a great tool for us to monitor our SEO progress, and to see the immediate impacts of Google algorithm and filter updates.”

– Matt Brooks,

Monitor All Key Data in One Place

SERPs brings together the most comprehensive search data from multiple sources to deliver insights to help you succeed. Gone are days of having to log in to numerous services to access your rankings, traffic reports, top pages or conversions. With SERPs you get all the data you need in one simple dashboard.

Test SEO Strategies

SERPs makes it easy to test and monitor your SEO campaigns. Tests and monitor anything from entire campaigns to changes affecting content performance for individual keywords and improve your content’s search visibility.

Track Local & Global Rankings Daily

From Portland, OR to Sydney, Australia, SERPs delivers daily rankings insights from hundreds of locations (city or zip codes) or 100+ countries.

Improve Content’s Search Visibility

SERPs allows to monitor how your content performs in search for a specific keyword. You can also run correlation tests to monitor the effect of changes you make on your content’s performance.

“Prior to using SERPs, we would not have been able to diagnose the cause for losing sales because we would have been essentially blind to the ranking dips and would have looked elsewhere for the problem. But with SERPs, we were able to discover that it was a search issue within 30 minutes.”

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– Jeff Gregory,

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