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“…One of the things I love most about is that it isn’t trying to be an all-in-one SEO solution that peppers me with questionable automated SEO recommendations. Instead gives me the data I need to do my own analysis, and because I’m not paying for all the bells and whistles that are more distraction than action, I’m able to track more keywords for more sites in more countries and more often, to give me more data…”

Brian W.,

What Does

Track thousands of keywords for multiple search engines and languages, on multiple devices, from multiple locations, every day

All plans include:

Daily ranking data
Mobile, desktop and tablet rankings
Results to the 250th position
Unlimited domains and users
Local rankings at the city or zip-code level
Google and Yahoo rankings in over 400 different country/language combinations

Daily Data

Weekly or monthly rank-checkers can misinterpret normal daily fluctuations as larger trends. Daily rank checking gives a clear picture of actual performance and also let's you spot big changes (e.g. someone accidentally deindexed half your site) much more quickly.

Any Device, Any Location

Track desktop, mobile or tablet rankings on Google or Yahoo (in hundreds of countries and languages) from any city or zip code.

Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Users

Every plan allows for unlimited domains and unlimited user accounts. Add team members with full access to all your domains or client accounts to grant access to select sites.

Keyword Tagging

Organize and analyze large numbers of keywords with our keyword tagging system.

Keyword Research Database

Exanded access to our keyword research database of over 1 billion terms

Bulk Rank Checker

Run realtime bulk ranking reports for up to 250 keywords at a time.

Rank Index Chart

See the number of first, top 3 and top 10 positions for the last 8 weeks.

White Labeling and Custom Domain

Customize the look of with your own brand colors and logo and make it accessible at your own custom sub-domain (e.g.

Google Analytics Integration

Compare and correlate organic traffic with rankings.

SEO Tests

Compare ranking data before and after a specific date to see if a tactic caused a significant change.

Backlink Explorer

Powered by Moz: search links by domain or exact URL listed with anchor text, page and domain authority.

Google Sheets Add-on

Automatically import ranking data directly into spreadsheets to create your own custom dashboards and analysis (currently in beta).

Simple Dashboards

See a daily snapshot of key SEO metrics with SERPs dashboards. Custom dashboards available for Enterprise plans and above.

Reporting API

Feed daily rankings data right into your own reporting systems with our developer-friendly REST API.

SERPs DataLab

Explore billions of rows of daily SERP data with an easy-to-use interface. Build custom reports and dashboards. Currently available only with Dedicated plans. Learn More

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