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About Us

We understand the challenges agencies face when scaling their Local SEO campaigns. Account management, client management, strategy, bottlenecks, underperforming projects, not enough resources… the list goes on and on. That’s why we created SERPs.

SERPs Mass Page Builder Software For WordPress

Our Story

Our core software was developed to solve what no other WordPress mass page builder could – predictable & scalable landing page creation that generates premium results. 

We licensed the product to our first agency in 2021. Their continued success and loyalty inspired us to expand our offerings, recognizing the market need for agencies striving to scale while delivering premium local SEO results. In November 2022, we rebranded as to reflect our broader mission, and today we support some of the best agencies in the world deliver faster and better results.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to empower agencies by providing unmatched value to their clients, maximizing their earning potential, and enabling the seamless scale of premium local SEO delivery. 

Our vision is to become synonymous with local SEO. To remain and grow as the solution for local SEO agencies worldwide.

SERPs Team

Matthew Khorsandi

Matthew Khorsandi

Novaj Javidzad

Novaj Javidzad

Matt Grandbois

Matt Grandbois

SEO Director
Erika Mendoza

Erika Mendoza

Operations Manager
Sarah Varos

Sarah Varos

Content and Brand Strategy Manager
Ben Brink

Ben Brink

Account Executive
Molly Morrison

Molly Morrison

Head of Marketing

Your Success is Our Success!

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    Why SERPs?

    We’re not just a page builder. We help your agency scale campaigns, income and clients with a future-proof approach that ensures continuous service quality and client satisfaction. is the only white hat landing page automation tool offering dedicated expert support to streamline execution at the highest level. Leverage data from hundreds of thousands of pages to save time and deliver premium results.

    Serps Goals - founder story (2)

    Join Our Journey

    We are proud to support some of the best SEO agencies across the nation, helping them deliver the highest level of SEO services to their clients.

    Save Hundreds of Hours

    Build 100+ Geo pages in hours and add geo-coded images in minutes that would otherwise take you Months!

    Earn Rankings & 10x Traffic

    Build out your Local SEO with strategic Location pages that drive growth up to 10x.

    Deliver Premium Results

    Experience huge growth for your business and your clients with one comprehensive SEO suite. 

    Boost MRR

    Your roadmap to millions of annual recurring revenue from Local SEO services.

    Retain Clients

    By delivering consistent, measurable SEO successes, you can build lasting client trust and loyalty.

    Get Predictable, Lasting Results

    White hat strategies executed efficiently and at the highest level for predictable and long-lasting results