10 Blue Links – May 27th, 2016


Tie Your Sites Together with Property Sets in Search Console
Google Webmaster Central Blog – May 23rd, 2016

“Search Console is introducing the concept of “property sets,” which let you combine multiple properties (both apps and sites) into a single group to monitor the overall clicks and impressions in search within a single report.”

Competitive Threats to Google and What They Mean for You
Search Engine Land – May 24th, 2016

Yes, even Google has to worry about competition. Fortunately, for users, this incentivizes Google to deliver quality search results, and prevents them from over-commercializing. Fortunately, for SEOs, this means plenty of work for us! But it’s also a good reminder to digital marketers that there are other valuable traffic sources to consider.

The 7 Most Important Questions to Ask of Your SEO Data
Search Engine Journal – May 25th, 2016

Great questions to ask of really any data being used to gauge performance.

Breaking Down Virality: An Analysis of 4 Posts That Went Viral
HubSpot Blog – May 24th, 2016

HubSpot examines four “viral” posts to demonstrate how one viral post can affect traffic, reach, and page rank, and offers a few tips on how to create more sharable content.

The Landscape of Mobile Search is Changing – How Will You Adapt?
Moz Blog – May 24th, 2016

A good overview of mobile trends, strategy adjustments, and where it could all be heading.

5 Brilliant Competitive Advertising Strategies to Outsmart Your Competition
WordStream Blog – May 16th, 2016

How to leverage things like paid ads over competitor content, and social media as a lead source. If someone is interested in a competing product, they’re already proving themselves to be a potential buyer for yours – you just need to get their attention!

Google Releases Free Version of Data Studio Custom Reporting Product
Marketing Land – May 25th, 2016

This week, Google released a pretty cool new data visualization tool that can pull data from sources like Google Sheets, Analytics, and Adwords (among others). We’re especially excited to try it out with the new Google Sheets plugin we’re working on!

Why E-Commerce Sites Should Use Both SE and SEO for Acquisition
Search Engine Watch – May 27th, 2016

Search Engine Watch covers the arguments for paid and organic search strategies for e-commerce businesses. Ultimately, a mix of both is usually recommended, especially for newer businesses.

Google AdWords to Break Up Tablet & Desktop and Enable a Mobile Base Bid
Search Engine Land – May 24th, 2016

“For some advertisers, it has been a growing challenge to scale mobile when bids are handcuffed to a limited desktop multiplier. To address this imbalance, Google announced that advertisers will be able to set individual bid adjustments for each device type, including mobile, desktop and tablet.”

How Much of a Role Does Trust Play on Conversion Rates?
Kissmetrics Blog – May 23rd, 2016

“Customers and prospects want honesty. Ethics. Understanding. They want to feel as if they’re understood and that the company, at the very least, listens to them even if it doesn’t act on every suggestion. It means that in order to convince and convert, you have to get down on the customer’s level and see things from their point of view.”

Bing’s Share of the Search Market is Growing Faster than Google’s
Search Engine Journal – May 20th, 2016

Remember those competitors we mentioned earlier? Last year, while Google’s market share fell by .2%, Bing’s actually rose by .2%. This could simply be a result of Windows 10 growth (as Bing is integrated throughout), but definitely still an interesting trend to keep an eye on.

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