A response to the latest “Death of SEO”

An advisor of mine asked if I saw the Forbes “SEO is dead…” article from earlier this week. This was my reply:

I agree with some of the parts of the article: writing and promoting great content is the best SEO strategy right now. No doubt about that. But the idea that links don’t matter anymore, especially in Google, is just plain false. I could give a thousand examples to prove that. Social signals do play a larger role in Google’s & Bing’s algorithms than they used to, but by no means are links dead.

SEO isn’t dead. It’s just many SEO tactics are. The tactics that used to work years ago, don’t anymore. But that’s nothing new. Every few years (2003, 2010, 2011, 2012) Google makes some fundamental shifts in the algorithm and every year (the good) SEOs adapt.

Google and Bing are both playing this game of love/hate with the SEO community right now. SEOs control relationships and budgets of millions of small businesses. Google wants to reach those customers directly, and I think they can’t seem to figure out how to 1. Cut out the SEO agencies/consultant or 2. Work with them. It’s a really strange dance that’s been happening the past few years.

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