Building Enterprise-level Software for Advanced SEOs

I never set out to build “Enterprise” SEO software…

SERPs started as a very ugly internal tool used to track SEO tactics for my own little portfolio of websites. Nothing enterprise or pretty about it. And dang, we had some ugly charts:


Much of our initial roadmap just to do anything to differentiate ourselves. So we built:

  • Multiple user team logins to collaborate within your company. 
  • Restricted client logins to show off your results to clients online.
  • The ability to fully white-label SERPs as your own software on your own domain
  • Daily rank tracking updates so you could spot gains/losses right away
  • City and Zip Code based rank tracking
  • Native iPhone and Android apps
  • REST API to pull data into internal company dashboards
  • Correlation testing to prove SEO tactics

as well as standard features like backlink reporting, pdf/csv reports, Google Analytics integration, etc.

After talking with and surveying dozens of our customers it’s become clear that SERPs wasn’t quite positioned correctly. Our messaging didn’t match the product we had actually built. We had built a number of core features that larger enterprises and agencies valued tremendously, but we downplayed those features.

When we first started building SERPs internally, we did it because I didn’t want to spend $2K+ a month on the “Enterprise” SEO tools out there. That just seemed crazy to me. I didn’t want to have to talk to salesperson, or sign a one-year contract. So we started our own tool and it’s blossomed years later into today.

SERPs provides you the tools you need to prove your SEO work. To anyone.

Our new pricing reflects the customer base that really appreciates the value SERPs bring to their company, while still remaining affordable (under $100/mo) for smaller consultants and marketing professionals.

Medium and larger agencies can use SERPs to land larger clients, and retain them longer. Enterprises with large target keyword lists (10K+) or multiple large website properties can utilize our developer friendly account API to bring in rankings, analytics, and links data into their own reporting systems with ease.

Along with our new vision, we have launched a much improved version of one of our most loved tools; our SEO testing tool.

Tests Tool Upgrade

With the Tests tool, you can quickly create correlation tests to see if any event (a new link, or title tag change) lines up with changes to your key metrics (rankings, organic traffic, etc):

Did that change actually help?
Did that change actually help?

The new Tests tool is an easy way to prove to the boss that the work you’ve done is working.

Rank Indexes

We’ve also added some really cool rank indexes that show how your site’s keywords are performing as a group over time. This makes it easy to spot larger trends in your rankings gains or losses.


Improved Keyword Research Tool: SERPs Suggest

With SERPs Suggest, our improved free SEO Keyword Tool, you can get a few hundred keyword ideas in about 5 seconds, along with estimated volume and CPC data! It’s fast, and super addictive. SERPs subscribers will see a premium version of this inside their accounts soon.

free keyword suggestions

When we launched the first version of SERPs about 2 years ago, our goal was to bring an Enterprise level SEO tool to the masses. I’m excited to see us realize that goal and look forward to continue improving our tool for our growing customer base.

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