Conversion Optimization: 5 Questions You Should Always Ask

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Where are your conversions coming from?

Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Optimization should go together like a well-mixed Rum and Coke.   However, it is very common for SEO’s to put so much emphasis on their own discipline that they forget that a high quality landing page experience is necessary for the client to achieve their ultimate aim of making sales or generating leads…and the drink they end up mixing for their client is all fizz and no buzz.  An ideal user experience without SEO can still be exploited to make sales for the business in other channels (e.g. PPC, Social Media).  However, great SEO with a terrible user experience doesn’t generate much more business than if the SEO weren’t present.

The “Green Widget” Case Study

As an example, let us suppose that the SEO uses his SEO software & other SEO research tools to determine that “Green Widget” is his / her term of opportunity for their client.  He / she believes that within a reasonable amount of time, he can rank the client in the top half dozen results on Google for the term, generating tremendous ROI for the client and justifying the SEO investment many times over.  The SEO builds the necessary links, tweaks the on-page factors, and pushes the social media buttons in such a way that the promise of traffic is delivered.  The SEO’s job is only half done however, because the site now needs to be optimized for the visitors as well as the search engines.

Always Ask These 5 Conversion Questions

If the SEO has gotten the page to rank well for “Green Widgets”, one would think that the term is well represented on the page. However, there are plenty of additional cues that helps convert visitors to sales and leads:

1)       Is there a strong call to action for visitors?

2)       Are “green widgets” pictorially represented on the page?

3)      Is the layout clean and uncluttered?

4)      Is the path to conversion clearly laid out for the visitor and are diversionary paths minimized?

5)      Is contact information clearly present and are website security certificates visible?

Using Google Analytics For Conversion Insights

There is software for Conversion Optimization but you can also use Google Analytics for conversion insights.

google inpage analytics feature
See where your traffic is clicking

Google Analytics has a wonderfully functional tool setup for “in-page analytics” that allows SEO’s to see how visitors interact with the web page via most any segmentation relevant to the SEO efforts.    With Google’s in-page analytics feature, true ROI from the natural search traffic from the targeted keyword can be calculated.

Once You Hit The SEO Ceiling, CRO is King

However, once a top natural ranking is earned, the SEO has likely hit the ceiling for natural search traffic volume barring some unforeseen spike to global search volume.  When that happens, conversion optimization becomes the best hope for generating more revenue.  Adding a relatively few percentage points to the conversion percentage of a landing page can have a huge revenue effect for a client.  In many instances, more revenue can be generated from conversion optimization than search engine optimization…and frequently, the conversion gains are much easier to obtain.

Conversion Optimization = More Business For Your Client

In closing, don’t be one of those SEO’s that gets so caught up in the SEO tools and technology that you lose site of the ultimate goal for your client…generating business for them.  The visitors to your client’s site won’t see the nifty software you used to help generate their top SEO rankings…however, they will see the client’s landing page, and it is the landing page that will play the major role in the conversion process.


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  1. Todd, I’m putting together and SEO training course for a client and decided I wasn’t going to explain that thinking about how content is presented on the page is a different discipline. Then I saw your post. Agree!

    I really like your “slogan” – Once you hit the SEO ceiling, CRO is king!

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