Delivering Great SEO Service in Industries You Have No Idea About


Here’s the thing: there is only one constant in SEO.

And nope, it’s not the volume of Google updates. No.

Or the unjustness of their penalties. Sorry. It’s something closer to Earth I am afraid.

The only thing you can be sure as an SEO is the fact that most of the time you will work in industries you have absolutely no idea about.

Everything else changes at a quite alarming pace.

The problem is though that regardless of how much you know about your clients industry, you still need to deliver a great service to them. No exceptions, no excuses.

And, to make that happen, you need to familiarize yourself with quite a number of things. You need to:

  • understand their buyers and their buying motiffs
  • understand what your client is selling
  • learn what pain points or problems they are solving and how they do it
  • understand how their business operates, at least to a point that you can tie in what you do with their business goals

You need this information to plan and deliver campaigns, create content, target the right keywords and do everything else that you do as an SEO.

My biggest problem with that has always been the fact that regardless of the fact how badly you need to know all this, your client might be the least helpful in obtaining it.

That’s why I always look for this information somewhere else.

  • Your Clients And Their Competitors FAQ Pages

Frequently Asked Questions pages are a real goldmine for understanding your clients business.

Most FAQ pages contain very basic information which makes them an ideal starting point for your research, definitely much better than reading your clients about us page or a generic description of their product.

Similarly, your clients competitors FAQs might prove useful too, revealing things your client might have missed on their page.

  • Competitors Guest Posts

Checking your clients competitors backlink profile is by far one of the very first things you do when embarking on a link bulding campaign. However, there is one other benefit from doing such research apart from finding out what links you could quickly recreate for your client.

You can discover the type of information your clients competitors share with their audience and learn quite a lot about the industry from it.

  • Commonly Used Search Queries

One of the most effective ways to learn more about the industry you are about to be working in is to learn the language prospects and customers use to describe it.

And what’s a better way for an SEO to do so than by researching the most commonly used search queries?

Paying attention to how others describe products or services your client offers will help you not only in optimizing their website but also in creating content that will engage the audience and rank high in search.

  • Insights From Their Clients

When you are looking for an insight into the industry you will be working in, there is no better place to start than by talking to the very people that have bought from your client.

Interviewing their clients will not only reveal how they perceive the product and what problems it has solved for them but also the exact buying process they have gone through before making the purchase. This information alone will help you create a more targeted campaign, based on actual customer experiences, not your own assumptions about it.

  • Sales Pitches And Presentations

One of the key aspects of understanding the clients business is to fully understand how they perceive themselves.

The trouble is, the client is the worst person to ask about it. If you do, you will get a bloated answer that might tell you nothing.

Instead, attend one of their sales pitches and review their sales presentations.
These are prepared from the prospects and clients perspective, revealing exactly the information you will also be trying to promote online.

  • Any Potential Business Research Your Client Has

Most businesses operate on some form of a business research. It could be a simple business plan or quite sophisticated research such as a brand pyramid or the pyramid of influence. If you can, try to get a copy of whatever research is available and study it thoroughly.

  • Your Clients Customer Service Team

Just like sales people, your clients customer service team can prove to be highly useful when it comes to understanding the industry you are about to deliver your services to.

By checking the most common customer inquiries you can quickly establish how your clients customers are perceiving the product or service, how they understand the value proposition but also what sort of information they might be missing or expecting from the website.

  • Industry Leaders and Influencers

Lastly, check the industry thought leaders and their blogs. Just by flicking through their latest posts you can find out a lot about the industry, the customers needs and the solutions available on the market, not to mention gain some content ideas to use in your campaign.

How About You?

How do you deliver great SEO service in industries you have no provious experience with? Do you have any quick tips you could share with us?

* Creative Commons Image by PhotoJonny

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