Did Google Update For Everyone or Just You? Introducing the SERPs Volatility Index

“Did Google update for everyone or just me?”

It’s an age old question for online marketers. Was it just my website or did everyone see a big update in Google?

Well, now you can easily see how much your site has shifted in Google & Bing vs. everyone else.

SERPs.com has launched a 1,000+ site Volatility Index that tracks URL movement in Google & Bing so you can easily spot algorithm updates and trends.

For example, over last weekend, Google did a fairly big update that shows up clearly as a spike in the Volatility Index:

Did Google Update?

Check it out: “Google Update for Everyone? or Just Me?”

For SERPs subscribers, we also will show you your website vs. the indexes. Here’s an example:

compare your site to Google & Bing updates

To compare your site, sign up for a 14-day free trial of SERPs.

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