Easy SEO Correlation Analysis

Determining what, if any, change you made that caused your rankings or traffic to increase can be tricky. But with the SERPs custom event tracker, doing simple correlation analysis on changes to organic traffic and rankings is simple.

We do the grunt work out of calculating the change in your important metrics by checking in on them every few weeks. That way you can see if the change you made or event you want to track has helped on a short term, or longer term time frame.

When you track an event, you tie that event to a specific URL or website and a keyword if you want to track a change in rankings.

Here’s an example of our correlation analysis for the keyword “serps” with an event start date of Oct 19th, 2011:

easy seo correlation analysis

As you can see, since we started tracking the event, organic traffic to that Page is up 40%, and traffic for the keyword ‘serps’ is up 8%. The Google rank has dropped 1 spot. You can also see how performance on those metrics was at 1-week, 4-weeks, and soon 8-weeks after the event.

If you’ve ever wanted to know, “Did that SEO tactic actually work?” setup a custom event and you can easily see how your important SEO metrics have changed since that time. No crazy spreadsheet needed.

Of course, correlation does not mean causation!

Check out our help series on events:

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