Effective SEO Software Provides Insights, Not Just More Data

I get stood up weekly.

I speak with SEOs often and without fail, every week, someone stands me up for a set meeting. Why?

SEOs are busy. Really, freakin’ busy. Now, I know *everyone is busy* but SEOs as a group seem to be more busy than most. So what does this have to do with effective SEO software?

Most SEO software sucks. It spits out too much data, too many recommendations, too much of everything.

19,825 SEO recommendations, really?
Really? Really?

And SEOs don’t have time for that. I know I don’t have time to try and handle 19,825 recommendations.

19,825…Are you kidding me?

As an SEO today you have to think about:

  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

And that’s just the social stuff. We still have to analyze:

  • Keywords
  • Conversions
  • A/B Tests
  • Rankings

And we haven’t even gotten into actually implementing anything yet! The life of an SEO is insanely busy.

So back to effective SEO software. As a competitive SEO for about 5 years now, their are really only a few SEO tools that I still use on a daily or weekly/monthly basis.

Most good SEOs aren’t good because they use some fancy tool, they are good because their incredibly talented and creative brains can use tools 10x better than most.

Here’s what I use consistently:

Here’s what I use occasionally:

It’s not a huge list. The daily list is tiny and insanely close to free (I think I pay $20/mo for real-time analytics from Clicky, and $18/mo for my SERPs plan to manage serps.com). The sometimes software is a bit more expensive, but even then we are talking less than 2K/year. 2K/year for everything you need as an SEO isn’t bad.

Here’s what I mean by software that gives insights, and not just data….

This is a screenshot from my serps.com dashboard:

insightful seo data
This is insight.

This is a screenshot from Google Analytics of the same site and time period:

not very effective software
This is just data

Do you see the difference? The bottom chart shows exactly the same data as one of the lines in the top chart…but you might have missed the insight completely without the comparison line of the first chart.

It’s clear that something changed significantly a few days ago for this site, and it’s organic traffic. In this case, it’s likely the confirmed update Google did a few days. Organic traffic is way up vs. what was expected based on past traffic trends.


Not just data.

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