Migrate Your Historical Raventools Rankings in a Single Upload

raventools import to serps from export of historical rankings
Over the weekend we built a simple, 1-click upload tool that imports all your historical rankings from Raventools. I’m super proud of our team for building this so quickly. For new and old customers this makes using SERPs easier then ever. We are committing to providing rank tracking to our customers, and we’ve built an absolutely killer interface for rank tracking here at SERPs.

transfer rankigns from raventools

You can get setup on SERPs.com and import your historical rankings from Raventools in 5 minutes

1. Download your full rankings history .zip file from Raventools. See how here

2. Setup your SERPs.com free trial, and import all the sites you have historical rankings for.

3. Upload your full Raventools .zip file to the migration import tool in SERPs.

That’s it. Within a few hours your historical rankings will be processed. Within 48 hours you’ll have a rock solid new rank tracking system, plus a whole lot more that SERPs.com offers.

If you’re looking for a solid rank tracker plus a whole lot more, please take a 30-day trial of any of our rank tracking plans. If you run an agency, you can fully white-label SERPs on your own domain for under $200 a month.

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2 responses to “Migrate Your Historical Raventools Rankings in a Single Upload

  1. Do you know of any issues with the Raven import tool? I’m selecting the .zip file I downloaded from Raven awhile back when they first announced (I downloaded everything for all accounts as a just-in-case effort).
    However, now when I try to import into SERPS.com I get an error about it expecting a .zip file, which is what I was trying to upload and had selected.

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