Free Trial Sign-Ups Are Back!

It’s with the utmost enthusiasm that we announce the return of instant free trial sign-ups for SERPs!

We’ve been making some exciting improvements to our infrastructure and internal systems. In the long term, this means a faster and more reliable platform for you, but in the short term it also meant that we were temporarily unable to automatically process free trial signups (instead, you had to submit a request to have an account manually created for you) – which was a bummer, and we’re really sorry about that.

But now they’re back! From outer space!
(…or just from being reconfigured by our awesome engineers… basically outer space.)

After a couple agonizing weeks, you can now sign up for a free trial again HERE, and be set up in minutes. It’s never been easier to start tracking keyword rankings with SERPs!

Thanks so much to everyone for their patience. Stay tuned for exciting updates and feature releases – coming soon on our new and improved infrastructure!

Forever Yours,
Team SERPs

PS – Chris got a puppy. It’s unreasonably adorable. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for pictures – and if you’re ever near Greenlake you should just stop by our office and pet it. It loves pets.

PPS – To be fair, “it” is actually a “he”, and his name is Charlie. I just felt like if I’d said “he/him” it might accidentally sound like an invitation to come pet Chris… and I haven’t cleared that with him.