Give me insights or give me nothing. Data is worthless.

Handling our online marketing here at SERPs, I’m in charge of SEO, PPC, Social Media, PR, and trying to figure out what the heck a “repin” is.

It’s a lot of information to try and wrangle. And it’s let me to this conclusion:

I hate data.

I mean, I really love data, but I hate too much of it. What I really crave is the nuggets of insight I get from data.

A single data point is pretty worthless: (141 visits yesterday! Yay?)

Two data points can be interesting: (141 visits yesterday vs 30 last wednesday! Yay!)

Multiple data types smartly compared can be insightful: (141 visits a day from a keyword when ranking #4 in Google, 985 visits when that keyword rankings #2)

The wonderful thing about software is that a human (with a good brain) can program software to collect all that data, and then write an algorithm to build insights on the data.

The then me, as the human, gets to see the result of a wonderful combination: a smart human building insights from data so I don’t have too.

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