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Guest Post Guidelines

Last Updated October 11, 2022

From time to time we do accept content from excellent writers who want to share their expertise with our audience. If you believe that you are qualified to write a post that would be interesting and relevant to SEO professionals, online marketers, content managers, or business owners, please read through these content guidelines. 

Quality is everything for us, and we won’t accept any posts that fall short of these requirements.

The guest post process is as follows: 

1. Preliminary review

Those interested in contributing to our blog must first send a suggested topic (or a few) to

Although we do respond to all inquires, not all entries will be considered. You’ll be notified about the next steps via email. 

We accept entries that fall into the following categories:

  • SEO best practices for all industries, business models, and niches—mind that SEO-related topics are at the core of our blog, so we will very much appreciate it if you took the time to check whether we have already covered a topic.
  • Digital marketing including PPC, SMM, email marketing, influencer marketing—we are interested in a wide range of marketing topics provided that you can share some really helpful insights with our audience.
  • User behaviour analytics—we will happily accept posts that show how proper data analysis can help a business boost its marketing mix efficiency.
  • UX and customer support—we believe that any business should care about the experience their customers get. Share your tips on how one can succeed by better serving their customers.

If you are an customer, we can develop a Case Study with you. What we need from you is a real-world example of promoting a website—you should be able to provide us with some initial data, tell us about the work you’ve done to improve this website’s SEO, and finally share the achieved results. If you are interested in this content type.

Please don’t send us any content if we haven’t yet agreed on a certain topic. Such posts won’t be considered. 

2. Detailed outline

Once we agree on the topic of your post, we expect to receive a detailed outline with the main points you are planning to write about. This step is crucial as it allows us to stay on the same page, and make sure that your vision is perfectly in line with ours. At this point, we can share some feedback with you—that way we hope to minimise the number of edits later on.

3. Content guidelines

When crafting your content piece, please bear the following guidelines in mind: 

  • The article has to be an original publication—100% unique. NO content syndication, curation, and duplication are allowed. 
  • The minimum size of an article is 1,500 words—it should cover the topic completely and fully.
  • The text should have a clear structure, and it should be easy to read even if the topic is rather complicated. Subheadings, bullet lists, tables, graphs, and charts are all welcome.
  • The article should include images, videos or other visual content. Just like a proper structure, visual elements make a post easier to grasp. We only publish original images on our blog, so you can use screenshots, graphs, and charts, but please steer clear of stock images. If you’d love to add some original graphs and charts to your post, but you don’t have an opportunity to create them on your own, our designers can do it for you—you just need to provide them with detailed requirements.
  • Use compelling arguments and practical examples to prove your points. 
  • Include natural links to prove any data you mention in your post. Please, use only authoritative sources. Excessive linking is not permitted. 
  • Articles should be well-written without grammar and spelling errors. 
  • Use American English spelling, e.g. color and not colour, organize and not organise
  • Use an em dash (long dash) with no spaces before and after it as in the following example: Let’s say you’ve got a page on your website ranking first in Google—the most coveted spot.

We DO NOT Accept:

  • Promotional content.
  • Content with affiliate links.
  • Content that was previously published on other websites.  
  • Abusive and/or inaccurate content.
  • Content that is low-quality and doesn’t provide any useful and interesting insights.
  • Content that requires a lot of editing and rewriting.

4. Submission and publication

Send your post as a Microsoft Word file to Make sure your  file is open for editing. Please, include images in a separate folder (as archived files or upload them to a file-sharing site.) We’ll create a featured image for your post on our own.

Don’t expect to get an immediate response once you submit your article. Several people from the SERPs team will be reviewing your application to make sure it meets our quality standards, so it can take a while. 

We may ask you to further edit your article. In this case, please respond to the comments our team left and highlight the edits you made. Please DON’T resolve comments—it makes it way harder for us to match the text edits with our feedback, thus the next round of review takes more time and your guest post publication date is postponed. 

If your post meets our content guidelines and corresponds with our content marketing strategy, we will contact you and will let you know when the article is scheduled for publishing. 

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