How Search Engine Ranking Software Works

I put together a quick overview of how most search engine ranking software works:

Transcript of the video:

All right. So today we’re going to look at how search engines ranking software works, and we’re going to look at the two major ways that people use solutions to get keyword rankings using software. The first solution, which is probably the most common but not as in vogue as the other, is downloaded software. So this is software you pay a license for, maybe it renews annually or maybe it’s lifetime and you download this onto your PC or Mac and you actually run the software locally. The second is a hosted solution. So this would be where you subscribe to a monthly fee and the provider goes out and grabs the rankings and stuff for you, and this would be run in the cloud, yea cloud.

So let’s first though take a look at how the downloaded software works and how the process really works in general. So let’s say we have a SERP here. Let’s say it for dogs. We’ve got ten results, and one through six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Cool. So, each one’s got a title, a URL title and the URL description, URL, URL, URL. Now, let’s say I’ve got my dog site here,, cool. I want to look up pet names, pet dog names. Not the best keyword, but eh, whatever. So what happens with software, especially on your computer here, let’s give an example. You’ve downloaded the software, and what it’s going to do is it’s going to take your list of keywords, so maybe you’ve got ten dog name keywords, and it’s going to go out to Bing here let’s say, Bing, and it’s going to say, hey, look up dog names. Just like a normal query. Then the software is going to go through, and one by one it’s going to look for MyDog URL. As soon as it finds it, it’s going to say, “Hey look, I found my URL at nine.” It’s going to say nine, and that’s going to go back to the software and the software will record that. Now you’ll know, hey, I rank 9 for pet dog names. It’s going to continue that loop for however many keywords you have.

Now, if you do that too fast, Google and Bing are going to come back and say, “Ah, you need to full out a captcha because Google doesn’t really like you querying them so quickly. It causes resource strain on their end, and they don’t like when people do this for spam purposes. It’s not something that’s really all that fun to do on your computer, but anyway, sometime this software will make you wait five, ten, twenty seconds between each one of these queries so that you don’t run into these captcha issue. So, that’s how it works with the downloaded software.

Now, let’s look at a hosted solution. The hosted solution basically takes your computer, that was running one query at a time, and puts it on thousands of servers. Maybe not thousands, but hundreds, so it basically has hundreds of computers here, boom, boom, boom, boom, and it’s going to do the exact same thing really, is query Bing with your list of keywords. It’s going to get it back and it will record it into its fancy database here. Then you as the user will be able to log in to a dashboard or some sort of online tool and see your result set here. So you never actually on your computer, with a hosted solution, never have to deal with this whole querying process and dealing with captchas or any of the mess that can happen when you are trying to gather keyword rankings. So, that sort of solution is a little more elegant and less work definitely for the user, but it also comes at a much higher cost too.

That’s the basic process of how getting engine search software works. The downloaded software is, like I said, more of a legacy solution and many more people are moving towards a hosted solution and letting a third party run this process for you.

Let’s take a quick look at some pros and cons of each. As I mentioned, price wise for the downloaded software, it’s going to be cheaper. I’ll just give it one dollar sign. The hosted solution, you’re going to pay anywhere from $29 to $49 to $500 a month depending on how many keywords you have, whereas the hosted solution, you might only pay $1.99 once or $1.99 annually. Here you might pay $49, $89, $189. You’re going to pay in that range depending on how many keywords you have a month. So, price definitely wins for the downloadable software.

Ease of use though, I’ve got to go with the hosted software. Obviously, I’m a little biased, but downloadable software, it’s just no fun. I really hate to deal with it at all. If you have a large amount of keywords, you’ve got to go with the hosted solution because you’re going to spend hours or lots of proxies. I’m not going to get into that, but you’re going to have to pay for proxies to run this manually, and you risk Google saying, “Hey, we don’t like you searching on our search engine anymore.” So, definitely a hosted solution is the winner here, except for the price issue.

So, I hope that gives you a good overview of how search engine ranking software works.

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