How to Find & Land New SEO Clients

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Every business wants to succeed, and this success cannot come without the acquisition of new customers. If you are offering SEO services, then you are probably wondering how to acquire new clients. The good news is that virtually every business in every industry is a potential client, and all you need to do is to learn how to convert them to paying customers. The reality is that there is no single technique that works; you need to use a combination of tactics such as the ones described below.

Make your own page rank higher

There is no way you can promise higher ranking for your clients if your own pages aren’t highly ranked. Thus, this is the most fundamental step you should make if you wish to get new clients for your business. A highly ranked page will form a solid proof for clients that you are an expert in your business. In this endeavor, do not try maturing your way up the ranks using black-hat techniques. Show you can get your site ranked higher by using white–hat tactics; that way you can use your own site as a case study.

Make your pitches on forums

Forums are filled with discussions on SEO or SEO related services. There are even those who are actively seeking for SEO services providers on these forums. You can join them and get involved in the discussions, thereby positioning yourself as an expert in the industry. You can even advertise yourself to other forum members and add the services you offer to your signature. Forums such as,, DigitalPoint are suitable for this. Just bear in mind you’ll most likely pick up contracts here from other SEOs. For landing your own clients, try contributing to forums in a specific niche that you want to work, real estate agents, or lawyers or nearly any specific industry has communities where those professionals interact. Don’t just market yourself, but help out answering basic SEO questions in those forums and you’ll get inquiries about your own services. You can also try the newer type “forums” such as Quora.

Set up a referral/affiliate program

There are different ways of doing this, but the main thing is that it should be simple and effective. You can start by offering discounts to your clients who refer other customers. This is one of the simplest methods of advertising via referrals. On the other hand, you can make it big by setting up a serious affiliate program where people can sign up and receive ongoing commissions for referring other clients.

Try talking at different events

Business in the SEO industry is mainly dealt with in the virtual world, but it doesn’t have to be conducted exclusively online. In fact, talking to your potential clients in person can boost your chances of landing them as your customers. If there is a conference being held with a relevant audience, find a way to get a speaking slot. You scan even go ahead and hold site clinics at these conferences and help your potential clients see how you will help them when they hire you.


Craigslist can be work for landing new SEO clients if used correctly. While it may seem simple to list your services and wait for the clients to contact you, it is not such an effective method. You should focus on the Gigs portion of the site and browse the listings of firms and individuals looking for SEO services. Sending a dozen or so proposals per day can lead to a regular stream of clients. Remember that the first email is just a contact email, and you will have to work on your leads to convert your leads into paying clients. The Job’s portion of the site is also a good place to check. Contact the clients and explain everything you think they should know about your services. Don’t forget to offer some kind of proof on what you can do, if you want them to take you seriously.

Following the above tips will help you land more SEO clients. But these are just a few ideas.

What tactics or marketing methods are you using to find new clients?

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