New Features: Collaborate with your SEO team and impress your clients

I met an SEO 2 weeks ago who said, “80% of SEO is managing client and boss expectations and showing results”. So true.

Today it becomes drop-dead simple to impress your clients with

Impress your boss or clients!

You can now add client users to your organization account. Visit the “Settings” page inside your account and click the “Add Users” button.

Here’s a short video on how to add logins to your account:

Client’s only see the projects you select.

If you have clients you want to impress, create a login for them to see your results. Forget monthly reports!

Give them real-time access 24/7 to their website performance using

Also Introducing: Team Users!

With Team user logins you can invite your boss or co-worker to collaborate with you on your SEO efforts. Team logins see all sites in the account, and are able to add other team and client users themselves. This is great if you work at an agency or company with multiple stakeholders in your web marketing success.

All SERPs plans include Client logins, and some of our agency plans even include unlimited numbers of Client logins.

Read more about our white-label plans for agencies and consultants here.

Making great SEO look incredible.

Our goal is to empower great SEOs (like you!) to be able to show off their results in a visual manner that just makes sense. We are committed to the success of customers. If we can make you look good…that makes us happy.

Please email me anytime with suggestions or feature ideas. We have some really cool stuff coming down the pipeline and much of it has come from smart customer suggestions.

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