Keyword rankings are a vital SEO metric (a response to Raventools dropping rank tracking)

I appreciated the honest transparency of Raventools CEO in their post about why they are removing their rank tracking feature. It’s well written and clear the choice they are making. Looks like Wordstream is taking the same route.
track all the rankings!
I talk with dozens of SEOs each week who worked with small and medium business clients and rank tracking is hands down one of the best ways they can communicate their value, and progress to clients in a simple manner.

Yes, rank tracking is just one metric. But it’s an important one. Especially for smaller companies that often do depend on a few key phrases that drive the majority of their traffic (think your local Plumber not a Fortune 500 company)

Rank tracking often provides a preview of the SEO gains to come. If you move from 50 to 15 for a keyword, that’s a significant change, but it probably won’t result in a huge traffic increase…

But. That. Is. SEO. Progress.

SEO is rarely an overnight win. It’s a slog. It’s a fight. And when you can show a client or a boss a move from 50 to 15, that is valuable!

And that’s the value of rank tracking. It’s seeing progress BEFORE it shows up in analytics. It’s being able to go to your boss and say “Look, we’ve moved from 15 to 5 in the last year on our #1 money keyword because of all the work I’ve been doing in PR, and content, and social media”

rank tracking is valuable data

We are committed to providing rank tracking data to our SEO customers. And we do it really, really well. It may be that we have to change up how we get our data at some point to not rely on scraped results, but we are committed to finding solutions to get this valuable source of data into our customers hands in a reliable fashion.

If you’re looking for a killer interface, and a way to see rankings that makes your work shine….Give SERPs a shot and sign up for a free trial today and let me know what you think. You can read more about our rank tracking features here.

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