Killer Local Google Maps Rank Tracking

Accurately track local pack Google rankings with latest release 

(almost) Happy new year, happy new SERPs! now tracks letter positions of maps rankings as well as their position on the page, so you can better track your website's progress in Google Maps.

By default the improved keywords area will show only organic results, but you can easily view just Maps results, or both organic and Maps listings together now with a new dropdown menu above the keywords table:

In addition to the letter position, we will also continue to track the overall position on the page, so you always know where on the page your site is showing up.

Average rank calculations improved

We improved our calculation for our avg. rank index charts in this release, so you'll see a much more accurate avg. rank number now that takes into account non-ranking keywords better.

Google rankings now track to 250 positions

A few weeks ago, you may have noticed our rankings depth increase in Google as well. We now crawl through 250 positions, and continue to increase our accuracy to bring you the best rank tracking service on the web.

Massive speed boost for larger projects

We completely rewrote the backend of our keywords table to now handle projects of any size. If you noticed some slowness on sites tracking over a few thousand keywords, checkout the app today! You'll see a 10-20x speed boost!

New dashboard sneak peek

Here's a peek at the new dashboard we've been working on that will be out early next year, it includes the ability to change timeframes, create custom dashboards, and lots more!

$99/mo plan is ending in January

Want to try Our $99/mo pricing will only be live a few more weeks, as we're moving to a more enterprise offering in 2015. So take a 14-Day Free Trail now, and lock in a plan before our pricing change in January.

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