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How Much Does Local SEO Cost In 2024?

Last Updated May 17, 2024

The cost of local SEO varies based on various factors. Having worked with over 100 agencies here at SERPs, we’ve seen it all. In this post, we share everything we’re currently seeing in the marketplace, from local SEO costs to deliverables and more.

Local SEO (short for Local Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing a website for local searches performed on search engines like Google, Bing, and more. The goal is to rank, generate traffic, and lead on a local level. A good example of a local search is “plumbers near me,” which would yield results for plumbers in close proximity to where you performed the search.

So, how is this done? Agencies must build their strategies around MANY ranking factors to achieve success with local rankings. These deliverables are most commonly divided into two categories: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

Here’s a breakdown of both without getting too far into the weeds. On-page SEO is all about how relevant the content on your actual webpage is to the query being searched. Many think this boils down to how you sprinkle keywords on a page, but there’s a lot more nuance to it than that. Site architecture, page speed, content strategy, content structure, and more are just a few of the important elements that make up On-page SEO—we can further break down On-page SEO by thinking of the scientific side—site architecture, page speed, content structure, etc.—as “Technical SEO” and the artistic side—the actual verbiage, image placement, videos, etc.—as “Practical SEO.”

On the other hand, Off-page SEO concerns everything that happens off your website. Simply put, it’s Google’s version of a popularity (reputability) contest, and sites with the most relevant and authoritative references (backlinks, citations, and mentions) win the game.

Coming back to the cost of Local SEO, it all comes down to the On & Off-page deliverables provided by your agency. Those deliverables can be more or less expensive depending on competition, niche, and expected ROI. This is partially why you can find the local SEO costs ranging from $300 to $20,000+ monthly. is a Local SEO software used by some of the best agencies globally to increase efficiency by scaling landing page production with curated, bespoke content. If you run a WordPress agency and are looking to save time and deliver premium results to your clients book an intro call with our team!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the range of pricing referenced above to understand better how the industry works.

What is local SEO & what are common local SEO services?

Average Local SEO Costs |

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing your website for queries with local search intent. Done properly, it can be an incredible way for service businesses to increase visibility and revenue from organic local searches. It differs from general SEO, which targets search traffic without a specific geographic location in mind. 

Here are some of the most lucrative niches, services, and businesses that leverage the power of local SEO:

1. Legal Services

2. Medical and Healthcare Services

3. Home Services

4. Real Estate

5.  Automotive Services

6. Hospitality and Tourism

7. Educational Services

8. Fitness and Wellness

9. Pet Services

10. Beauty and Personal Care

These niches are just a few examples of those that see high returns on investment from local SEO due to the nature of their services, which are location-dependent and require strong local visibility.

Average Local SEO Costs Vary Significantly By Niche & Provider

Local SEO pricing varies based on several factors:

  • Market Opportunity
  • The average value of a customer
  • The lifetime value of a customer
  • Competition
  • Depth of services provided

Local SEO pricing models vary (hourly rates, project-based, or monthly retainers). For the sake of this exercise, we’ll discuss the monthly retainer model as it is the most common we see offered by agencies.

local seo costs

SEO services can range from under $1,500/mo to upwards of $5,000/mo.

For specific one-off projects like website redesigns or intensive local link-building campaigns, costs can vary widely but typically start around $600 and can go up significantly based on project complexity.

For ongoing services such as all-inclusive On-page and Off-page SEO and monthly, businesses might pay between $4,000 and $20,000 per month. However, it’s best to consult an experienced Local SEO Company and ask them for a quote based on your project needs.

On-page vs. Off-page SEO

Onsite SEO involves refining your website’s internal elements so that they are efficient for both users and search engines. This includes optimizing your site’s content for relevance and clarity so that themes and topics are directly aligned with your audience’s interests and search behaviors. It also involves improving site speed to reduce load times and structuring data so that search engines can easily interpret and rank it.

Off-page SEO, on the other hand, focuses on building your website’s reputation, brand, and visibility through external means involving building backlinks, active engagement on social media platforms, and managing your online reputation through positive reviews and endorsements across various forums.

Incorporating both strategies together helps with engagement and builds trust in your brand.

Factors Influencing Local SEO Costs

Factors Influencing Local SEO Costs

The type of local SEO professional you decide to engage for local SEO services influences local SEO costs. Are you going for a digital agency or a freelancer? Marketing agencies offer a team of SEO professionals, more resources, and varied expertise. They often provide comprehensive local SEO strategies, including content creation, link building, and ongoing support for multiple locations. However, it may be more expensive to engage the services of agencies when compared to freelancers. 

On the other hand, hiring a freelancer can be more cost-effective. However, keep in mind that freelancers usually manage multiple clients. This leaves them with limited resources, which can affect the consistency and range of services they offer. 

The scope of the local SEO projects also influences the cost. Depending on whether you have multiple locations or a single location, is your website a new or established authority? How optimized are your service pages for targeted keywords? How much organic content do you have on your website?

A business with poor SEO health or a non-optimized website will require more foundational work. This includes setting up a Google Business Profile, optimizing web pages for local search, building local links, etc. 

Local competition is another factor that influences cost determination. In a highly competitive local market, more detailed and aggressive SEO strategies are necessary to stand out. These strategies may involve advanced analytics, targeted social media management, and the creation of optimized content tailored to the local audience. Undoubtedly, all these would lead to increased costs. 

Why do local SEO services cost so much?

To be able to pull together resources like software, content writers in your niche, SEO specialists, and the resources necessary to host your website, plus the monthly maintenance included for that, makes the cost of SEO high.

Creating everything you might need for SEO is difficult to bring in-house and even harder to train for and scale. That’s why SEO agencies often come with a premium price tag but cost you no hassle afterward.

Breakdown of Local SEO Costs

Typically, the upfront costs of having an SEO team can range from $300 for software, systems, hosting, and technical setup up to $2,000 per month. This does not include the necessary IT setup, like laptops, which cost an average of $2,000 per employee, and office space, which can go up to $4,000 monthly for a team of five specialists.

In addition, the cost of hiring a lean team to execute your campaign, such as a content writer, SEO Specialist, and Marketing Assistant to track your ROI and conversions, ranges from $12,000 – $20,000 per month on average in the US. This does not include tax and any legal costs that may be incurred.

Considering that, even though a premium range to hire a Local SEO Company might be around $20,000, it’s still more affordable than building your in-house team and hoping you made the right hires.

How to Budget for Local SEO

How to Budget for Local SEO

When budgeting for local SEO, it’s important to evaluate your current marketing budget and goals. Keep in mind that SEO takes time to show results and is always changing, so it’s best to anticipate results after 3-6 months. Remember, SEO is constantly evolving, so it should be a long-term priority.

It’s recommended to allocate around 50% – 60% of your digital marketing budget to local SEO, and the remainder to PPC. You should come back after 3 months and asses the ROI on both SEO and PPC to readjust accordingly. Furthermore, you should consider your business size and locations. Businesses with multiple locations or those in highly competitive markets may need a larger budget to manage a more comprehensive local SEO strategy.

Sometimes, you may need to increase your local SEO budget. This usually plays out during market expansions. If you plan to expand to new locations, increasing your local SEO budget establishes a strong presence in these new markets quickly.

Maximizing Your Local SEO Investment

Maximizing Your Local SEO Investment

To maximize your local SEO investment, you have to track and measure the ROI of the local SEO. You can do so by using analytics tools like Google Analytics. This tool helps track website traffic, engagement, and conversion rates from local search queries. Monitoring changes in these metrics can help you understand the impact of your local SEO efforts.

Additionally, having forms set up on your website and every blog post is a great way to convert leads. At the end of the month, count them up and compare them to your deal closed list. An SEO Agency shouldn’t have any issues setting this up for you.

For any business with a physical location, tracking increases in foot traffic and phone inquiries can be helpful. Consider using tools that integrate with your digital marketing to measure these metrics, such as call tracking numbers assigned to your Google My Business profile.

If you need to make adjustments based on performance data, you can consider refining keywords. This might involve targeting more specific phrases or adjusting to what your target audience is actively searching for. Optimize content by checking the content types that drive traffic and conversions. With this information, you can enhance or expand those blogs that perform well and consider revising or replacing underperforming content by pruning it.

Local SEO is not a set-it-and-forget-it strategy. By being consistent with your SEO efforts, you stay competitive and adaptable. It also helps your brand build and maintain trust. 

Breakdown of Local SEO Business Models

If you take the more traditional route and hire a Local SEO agency that can help you build your On-page and Off-page SEO and create Geo pages for you, you will usually begin the initial setup.

During the initial setup, an audit is carried out to identify your business’s SEO weaknesses and opportunities. This involves finding the keywords that your potential customers are using to search for services or products in your niche in your area. This helps in targeting the right local queries. Local SEO companies like GLP Marketing also go further and help you set up or optimize a Google Business Profile during the initial setup stage. This helps your local business appear in Google Maps. 

Some businesses may charge for an initial setup for short-term projects, but this is uncommon for long-term contracts or agencies.

SEO costs with a monthly services model are better for long-term investments since SEO is a long-term game. If you opt for a monthly model, the local SEO company will be responsible for content creation, link building, and reputation management. They will regularly update your website with locally optimized content to attract and engage customers. These SEO reports should include blog posts, new web pages, and updates. Additionally, we would acquire links from relevant local sources to boost your site’s authority and ranking. Furthermore, we would manage online reviews and interactions. 

Some additional costs that might be incurred in local SEO packages include paid advertising and advanced analytics tools. While not directly part of SEO, paid local ads (like Google Ads) can complement your organic search efforts. In addition, investing in advanced tools to track your local SEO performance and analyze the effectiveness of your strategy is also beneficial. 

How do the best SEO agencies use GEO page builders to improve their SEO?

SERPs is a great way to keep your budget normal while delivering results to your clients! It’s an amazing tool if you manage multiple clients and want to efficiently leverage the power of a page builder to provide lasting results. SERPS is a mass page builder that helps you programmatically create pages at scale—geo pages, services pages, geo-specific service pages, and more.

Creating geo pages in bulk can be a strategic SEO technique, especially for businesses that operate in multiple geographic locations or want to target specific regional markets.

Creating pages specifically tailored to different geographical areas allows you to offer content that resonates more with local audiences. Search engines favor content relevant to users’ locations, so these geo-targeted pages are more likely to rank higher when users perform searches.

If you’re a service provider, listing local contact details, operating hours, and directions based on the user’s region with embedded maps can make your website more user-friendly.

Search engines often prioritize local results when they believe the searcher is looking for something specific to their area. By having dedicated pages for different locations, your site can appear more frequently in these localized search results.

Choosing a SEO Provider – Local SEO Services

Choosing a SEO Provider - Local SEO Services

Before choosing a local SEO provider, check their experience and expertise. It is important to check if they have experience working with businesses in your industry and understand the local market dynamics. Good SEO agencies should offer clear communication and regular reporting that details what actions are being taken and how these actions are improving your SEO performance.

Furthermore, ensure that the provider offers a comprehensive local SEO strategy. This includes content creation, building authoritative links, local citations, etc. Given the variability in local SEO needs, the provider should offer flexible, customized SEO packages, from a single-location small business to a multi-location enterprise. In addition, the local SEO provider should also have positive reviews and references. 

During the initial call, judge whether the person in front of you is trying to understand your business deeply! Many SEO agencies only offer knee-deep advice and don’t offer custom SEO solutions.

Some questions you can ask your potential local SEO provider before you make your choice include: 

  • How do you adapt your strategies for companies in my industry? 
  • Can you share examples of successful local SEO campaigns?
  • How can we measure ROI on SEO?
  • How do you handle Google My Business and other local directories?
  • What is your pricing model?
  • What monthly deliverables can we expect?

The way they answer these questions will tell you if they are a good fit for your business. You should not opt for an SEO agency that lacks transparency or uses a one-size-fits-all approach.

Do you need help with local SEO?

Local SEO involves elements such as initial setup fees for website audits and keyword research, ongoing monthly services for content creation and link building, and sometimes additional costs for paid advertising and advanced analytics tools. Knowing what each element of local SEO entails ensures businesses can make informed decisions about where to allocate resources to get the best return on investment.

Are you ready to dominate the local search results and attract more customers with your business? At SERPs, we deliver custom local SEO packages and strategies that align with your business goals and budget. Don’t let your competitors outshine you in local searches. Contact us today!

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