Find Competitor’s Backlinks with the Meta Site Explorer

This summer we tested a new backlink tool that incorporated data from 3 of my favorite backlink databases into one easy to use tool. The test went great, we iterated on some feedback from testers and today have launched the newly designed, faster, Meta Site Explorer into our tool suite for professional SEOs.

This tool is available to all accounts now. If you use SERPs to report to client and have created a client login for them, the new link tool will not be shown to those client accounts. Only admin accounts have access to the tool.

Screenshot of a sample report:

link report

Because the MSE pulls data from multiple data sets, it isn’t the cheapest to run. You can see some the number of reports you can run each month based on your plan. With the quality of each report, you probably won’t come close to running out of credits, but if you do, please email support and we will work with you.

Export Link Report to a CSV file

You can easily export the link report to a CSV file. Download a example of a CSV report for ‘’ here.

Using the Meta Site Explorer to #win in SEO

Using the report to:

  • See links in the last 30 days to find new press opportunities
  • See what anchor text is most popular and spot any bad backlink issues
  • Download all link data to a CSV to power a link building campaign
  • Get accurate counts on how many social shares a link has

Take it for a spin and let me know what you think!

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