Estimated Keyword Search Volume, CPC, and Keyword Starring

I’m very excited to share this update with you. One of the best parts of running a software company is getting to play with new features early, and this release has been one of my favorites to experiment with. I think you will really enjoy it.

“Star” Your Most Important Keywords

star your most important keywords

You can now “star” your top keywords. These keywords will show up at the top of the keywords report if starred. This is the first of many features that will utilize your starred keywords. You can star up to 10 keywords per site, so get your star on!

See estimated Keywords Volumes and CPCs

keyword volumes and cost per click


The main keywords report now includes estimated volumes and CPCs. This is handy for spotting high value keywords. You can sort by volume or CPC in the table.

Track a keyword only in Google, or just Yahoo!

track only google or bing keywords

In the past, when adding a new keyword to track, your only option was tracking the keyword in both Google and Bing. We’ve now split the report into separate engines. This allows you to more easily always see the correct URL thank is ranking for each engine, as well as delete a keyword from a specific engine.

True Bing keyword tracking coming soon

For the past year or so, we’ve been using Yahoo’s results for Bing. 99% of the time, there is no difference. But we’ve noticed more and more the engines starting to diverge, and with the Yahoo!/Bing search alliance looking like it will be done in 2015, we wanted to split these into their own engines. All previous rankings data is under Yahoo! Starting next week, you’ll see a new Bing engine tab, as well as the option to add new keywords to Bing as well as Yahoo! and Google.

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