New Features: Mobile & Tablet Keyword Rankings, Custom Volume & CPC Data

We’ve been busy cranking out new enhancements to SERPs, further pushing the limits on what you get from a next generation enterprise SEO tool. If you care about mobile or tablet rankings make sure to checkout our new mobile SEO rank tracking features. It’s dead simple to see how your keywords are performing on desktop vs mobile, updated daily of course.

Track Mobile Keyword Rankings

mobile seo tracking
Track SEO rankings in mobile, tablet or desktop devices

We also recently greatly improved our search feature, so sites tracking thousands, or even hundreds of thousand of keywords can quickly filter by exact keyword, broad match, or even by ranking URL!

Filter Keywords by Ranking URL

New powerful filtering for large sets of keywords

Lastly, we recently adding the ability to upload your own volume and CPC data into your keyword application so you can sort and see custom data. You could use this to upload exact volume data from a Adwords campaign for example.

Custom Volume & CPC Keyword Data

Add your own custom volume and CPC data into your SERPs account


New Ultimate Guides for SEOs

We’ve also been publishing some new “Ultimate Guide to X” pieces that are a fantastic resource for SEOs:

These are just a few enhancements we’ve made the past few months, but we’ve got a number of really exciting things in the pipeline. So make sure to signup for a 30-day free trial of SERPs today! We believe in transparent pricing as well, so you don’t even need to sell your first born child to get a great enterprise level SEO tool!

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