No Marketing Channel Is An Island

No [marketing channel] is an island,
Entire of itself.
Each [marketing channel] is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main… John Donne (updated).

I do paid search for a living and all my interactions with clients and customers focus on this particular channel. However, I’d be totally naïve to think that the PPC channel can prosper on its own. I’m well aware that I can do an amazing job for my clients in every possible way and still have a failed engagement. Why? Because, paid search (and every other marketing channel) are uniquely dependent on each other and in order for the marketing effort to succeed, the various channels have to coalesce and unify into a positive force that drives the organizational goals.

For example, the objective of paid search is to drive qualified customers to the website and let us say that I’ve done my usual perfect job at PPC (…coughs…). The visitor has made it to the landing page. Who is responsible for an optimal landing page experience? Certainly, the web designer. Is the page / website responsive and easy to navigate? Web usability contributes heavily to the site visitor conversion process. If there is text on the website (which there usually is), than the site copywriter is also an important stakeholder. The text should describe the product / service well to entice a conversion action.

Now, let us say that we’ve convinced the visitor to convert. Purchasing goods online involve going through a web shopping cart and this is where web developers get involved. Seamless checkout processes are very important for making sales since so many drop-offs occur at this time. If the website is for lead generation, database development is likely involved which can be a different skillset entirely.

Marketing isn’t just about capturing the lead or sale the first time. It’s an ongoing process and customer retention / reengagement is an extremely important part of it. What are the ways of doing this? Email marketing is certainly important. The art of designing effect emails combined with effective email list management is a very unique and prized skill for organizations. Copywriters are also an important stakeholder for email.

Social media is a critical part of marketing that touches both customer acquisition and customer retention. Within social media, there are multiple important channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest & others) and each channel requires a rigorous level of engagement and management. Each social community lives by a different set of standards and channel success depends on uniquely strategizing what the members are looking for and what might convert them into commerce.

Ideally, the company will also generate organic search traffic from Google / Yahoo / Bing. To rank well naturally in the search engines, the company will need to do SEO which requires its own set of expertise that frequently isn’t contained in just one individual. In order for SEO to succeed, the website must be coded optimally and have ideal site architecture (technical SEO). To rank well, a website needs to have targeted, relevant links to it. Link-building is one way to get that and building links to website is a very important aspect of SEO. Another way to generate links is through content marketing which is releasing relevant, interesting content into cyberspace with the goal of generating links to the website. Developing and marketing content online has become its own important SEO niche.

Of course, all the great marketing in the world won’t matter if the business doesn’t have a product or service worthy of interest. A unified marketing effort can deliver customers to the site but if the business offering isn’t interesting or priced right, a sale won’t be made. A strong co-dependence exists between online and offline marketing and poor offline marketing can destroy the best online marketing efforts.

To make a sell or generate a lead, it’s essential to have synchronicity in the marketing effort. Channel flaws can be glaringly apparent and when marketing doesn’t act in unified harmony, it tends to derail.