[Quick Tip] Use On-Demand Reports to Win More Clients

on-demand reports

Ask any SEO owner about their business and they’ll tell you one thing: they’d welcome an extra client.

Or two.

Hell, a whole bunch of them would be even better.

It has nothing to do with greed though. No matter how big or small your company is, there is always room for more business.

Unfortunately getting clients isn’t easy. SEO industry is saturated and the competition is fierce. Even with no shortage of prospects, convincing them to hire you is hard.

Often what separates you from competition are the clients you worked with or your site, content and testimonials, which means there is nothing in your pitch to make you stand out.

Or is there?

You see, business people love numbers. 

It doesn’t matter what the company you’re trying to approach does. They can be building contractors, a small design studio downtown or a family run coffee shop two blocks from your office. They all have something in common though – all they care about in your pitch are the numbers. And no, it’s not always the price.

They want to know what they’ll gain by hiring you.

But keyword data or potential traffic from Google Keyword Planner might not cut it. They can’t relate to that.

To most people numbers out of context are too abstract. 

Those numbers might look great but if they can’t relate to them in any way, they will not convince them to buy.

But if you put it in the context of their business, all this information will show your prospects what they needed to know.

So how to do it? By using on-demand reports.

With an on-demand report you can show your prospects where they are now. You can then compare that with what even a slightest improvement would bring.

You can even go further and add their average sales data (providing they volunteer them to you of course) to show an estimated insight into sales figures. But remember, talking sales numbers can be risky so make sure that you don’t over promise.

With an on-demand report you can show the client the CURRENT REALITY (something they might not even be aware of) but also the FUTURE REALITY (how things are going to look like if they engage with an SEO firm).

Where to get an on-demand report?

Use SERPs.com free keyword rank tracker or sign up for our custom plan to output full blown on-demand reports.


Prospects love numbers. But they want to see them in context. You may have the best presentation in the world but if you fail to meet that one expectation, all your efforts might be in vain. By showing your prospects their realistic data you place your entire pitch in context of THEIR business, making it something they can relate to. Not to mention, base their hiring decision on.

Creative commons photo by Dave McLean / Flickr

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