[Quick Tip] How to Convince Clients of The Value of Your Work


Convincing prospects to start working with you is hard. Proving that they have made a good choice is even harder.

Let’s admit it.

Sometimes clients trust you but only because they have no choice. But deep inside, they question your every action.

They wonder if it’s really your work that yielded those results? Is there a point in paying you each month if that’s not the case? Or is there really a point in making those small changes every month? After all, it’s not the small things clients want to spend their money on.

Not ideal.

And the only way out is to convince them that in fact, they get more than they pay for.

It’s easy to do at the start. You work on big tasks then, setting everything up. It’s easy to give bells and whistles and that’s what you do. You implement big changes, restructure the site, keep in touch with the client. And they see your work.

But after a while thought you are going to run out of ideas. There is only so much of fancy stuff you can do before you have to move to smaller tasks. And now you have to prove that those small tasks do make a difference (not to mention are worth paying for).

Correlation Data to The Rescue

As always, the best way to convince anyone of the validity of your actions is through data. By measuring and reporting correlation between your actions and the results they bring you can deliver a hard evidence that what you do yields those results. Even if it’s a smallest task imaginable.

Where to get such report?

Analytics, although imperfect in this regard, allow you to make a note on the timeline to mark a specific change. It’s however good for big ones but the whole thing will get messy if you start marking changes made to each piece of content.

SERPs.com also offers a correlation tests functionality, allowing you to create as many correlation tests as you wish and track changes as well as report on those daily.

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