SEO And Proud: Why Now Is Not The Time To Abandon The Acronym

seo and proud!I attended my 5th SearchFest conference in my hometown of Portland, Oregon yesterday. The event was bigger than ever, and industry jargon was flying as fast as a Portlander barista slinging shots…

“CRO” “Retargeting” “Social Analytics” “PlaceRank” “EdgeRank” “DomainAuthority” “AuthorRank” “(not provided)”

To an outsider, the majority of those words are completely meaningless. To us, they are second nature. The one I didn’t list there is the term “SEO”.

Normal people are just starting to understand SEO

Start asking someone what “SEO” is nowadays and you might be surprised at the responses from “normal” internet users:

“Oh yeah, that’s like getting Google to give you more traffic”

“That’s what my nephew does!”

“I got burned by an SEO firm”

“SEO is a scam”

Not all the reactions you get are positive. But at least you get less of the, “Umm, yeah, SEO…OK”

Don’t Ditch the SEO term now

what seos do
Hilarious photo by Alex Sczakiel.

There has been a big push the last 12 months to move away from using the term “SEO”.

And that’s a shame.

SEO is finally starting to be widely understood and now we are just going to abandon it?

SEO is more challenging than it ever has been. There is more to learn, more to do, and less short-cuts.

And that’s fantastic for good SEOs.

Good SEOs are more in demand than ever, heck even CNN is listing “SEO Specialist” as a best job for those over 50 (not sure about that, but still..CNN!).

SEO is in the news more than ever

Sure, many of the mainstream coverage isn’t positive. But that’s OK. You know the old adage, “all press is good press?” For quality SEO work, these types of articles are FANTASTIC for the industry.

Heck SEO even made it into Dilbert:

dilbert seo

At least people are getting what SEO is now

Now is not the time to back away from the SEO name. Not after we’ve worked so hard the last decade to have our mothers understand what we do.

SEO and Proud

SEOs should be proud to be SEOs. It’s a broad, challenging profession that requires constant testing and hard work. I’m proud to be working on a tool that brings value to the competitive SEO.

What about you…Are you proud to be an SEO?

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8 responses to “SEO And Proud: Why Now Is Not The Time To Abandon The Acronym

  1. I love it, and you’re completely right.  The best SEOs are about to emerge from the rest and in my opinion the changes are going to benefit the entire internet.  Sure, many are screaming the end of SEO but like you say, SEOs are finally earning the attention they deserve and although the industry is changing the work that’s done is still extremely important.  

    Thanks for the fun (and daring) post.  Long live SEO.

    P.S. Sorry for the previous partial comment.  For some reason the Disqus edit feature has been rendered temporarily unavailable.

  2. Totally agree. 
     SEO does not need a new name and is definitely not facing an identity crisis.

    Content marketing and social media presence are not the new SEO or are replacing search ,they are supplementing SEO along with all the other on-page and off-page factors on which we have been working on till date. SEO has just evolved and has an added dimension of the social media signals.
     Just like the on-page factors and the off-page factors which have been responsible for ranking , the social media signals and the freshness of content (On site and UGC) have been added to the list of ranking factors and the SEO needs to have a strategy for ensuring that the right and strong signals are generated via these platforms for the site. 

  3. The only term that could replace SEO was SEO 2.0 but it didn’t. Most of the things that made it 2.0 are part of SEO itself now. No need to change the acronym, only its meaning evolves.

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