SEO is hard. So work smarter, laugh more, and quit worrying so much

Yes, this is a riff on a certain tech bloggers’ post about startups being hard. Well you know what….SEO is hard too.

SEO is a grind.

While often creative and analytical, 90% of good SEO is showing up and getting it done.

It’s sending 10 personalized emails, leaving 20 good comments, rewriting 100 crappy page titles and building a report for your client before lunch.

It’s analyzing real-time traffic patterns at 1am.

It’s writing down that incredible content idea when you’re in the shower and almost drowning your phone.

It’s putting on Pandora and building spreadsheets for hours.

It’s writing. and more writing. and then some more writing.

Anyone who tells you SEO is easy is lying.

It takes time. It takes hard work. It’s a grind.


It’s also incredibly fun.

It’s fun to look at the most random search queries that people use to find your sites.

It’s fun to meet other SEOs and talk about how Matt Cutts once said hi to you (umm, really?)

It’s fun to have a deeper understanding of the web than 99% of your friends.

It’s fun when your side-project site has it’s first $10/day in adsense.

It’s really fun when your side-project site has it’s first $1,000 day.

It’s fun when a client can’t believe that you…”got them in Google! And on the first page! Incredible! And no $5 per click!?”

It’s fun when a Google update helps your sites.

My goal in 2012

My goal next year is to work smarter (with the help of my SEO dashboard of course), laugh more at the crazy searches people use, and try not to worry so much about what I can’t control (like Pandas!).

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