SEO love SEO. But SEO men prefer cute babies over cute dogs.

Not a real shocker to anyone who’s met most SEOs…but I’d thought I’d share some interesting data on what men and women interested in SEO find more ‘like’ worth on Facebook.

I ran a test between two different picture creatives on Facebook ads to trying a generate some like love for our new Facebook page.

Here are the pictures and the Male CTR highlighted:

male seos like babies more than dogs

And the CTR for Females, same interest targeting:

famale seos like dogs more than babies

We ended up paying significantly less per ‘Like’ for males with the SEO baby picture vs. the SEO dog. (thanks to David Cohen and daughter Abigail! Also Mike and Brett at QualitySmith for their awesome SEO dog Bodie)

seo men like babies more than dogs?

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