SEO Post Penguin – How To Move Forward

Google engineers made it clear that SEO as we know it has changed and will keep changing. They have also made it clear that they are not neutral in their assessment of websites that they want to display the top ten results. They want to display sites that will keep people thinking of Google as their first option for finding information. Their Panda and Penguin algorithm updates from 2011 through 2012 have been their best effort toward achieving these ends.

Post Penguin Algorithm

To that end, their intent has been to get webmasters to create content that engages those who read it and encourages them to come again. Their engineers are attempting to craft the Google search engine to bring back those results that indicate worthy content in that context. As a result, Google engineers are looking at social signals, time visitors spend on the page, page load speed and a myriad of other indications that visitors are truly having a good user experience.

While they are still evaluating what authority based on linkbuilding means, their methods are continually more sophisticated in finding authoritative site. As a result, SEOs will need to think differently about what it means to optimize in the Post-Penguin world. Additionally, SEO will need to try to figuratively “skate to where the puck is going” with respect to the industry, instead of where they see it now.

Post Penguin Content Creation

This will mean that SEOs will need to place less emphasis on formulaic content creation and rely more on finding out what visitors needs and interests are and fulfilling them. The old world of deciding on a proper keyword density needs to give way to content that when a visitor finds it, they will stay longer to finish experiencing it. Creators should ask whether the professionals in their niche will find the content worth sharing with others in the niche. ‘Would you tweet that?’ is always a good measure of quality.

Post Penguin Social Media

With respect to sharing, SEOs will need to embed procedures to make their content available on social media platforms. Good content is likely to be shared but only by those companies and/or webmasters that choose to engage their following. Interaction with a company’s social media following gives them the latitude to share their best content with interested readers or industry professionals.

Post Penguin Authority Building

These same industry professionals will be important to for SEOs to seek out for relationship building. As linkbuilding strategies that are manual in nature get more difficult to hide, companies will need to focus on the kind of linking relationships that will bolster its prominence in the marketplace, not necessarily their page rank. Although it is likely to seem to be more of a PR effort than a true SEO effort, the trend and momentum in search engine architecture is to reward links from industry authorities.

Being On Time

As the search engines evolve, SEOs will need to evolve with them. However, when indication is given as to the direction of search, it is prudent to get there quickly. Companies that begin to operate with longer term approach to linkbuilding, content creation and social interaction are likely to be those arriving in time to be rewarded by the search engines.

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