SEO Strategy for Basketball Fans

Thank God the NBA is back. For a bit there I thought I was going to have to get into Hockey or curling or something. Shudder.

As I was watching my Blazers improve to 3-0 last night I realized that a great SEO strategy is composed of 5 key players, just like an NBA team:

  • Press (Point Guard)
  • Social Media (Shooting Guard)
  • Blog Content (Small Forward)
  • Links (Power Forward)
  • Useful Content or Service (Center)

1 – Point Guard (Press)

Press can assist all the other players and make you look good. They can drive in and dish out links through your power-forward, or blow you up on twitter with a sick behind the back pass to your 2-guard.

Is Chris Paul running your press strategy?

2 – Shooting Guard (Social Media)

Fancy. The shooting guard makes plays that get on Youtube and blow up on Twitter. A solid social media strategy includes some flair that a Kobe-esque 2 will give you.

Kobe, love him or hate him is still a highlight reel waiting to get +1’ed.

Fun link: Top NBA players & teams on Twitter

3 – Small Forward (Blog posts)

Kevin Durant just keeps coming out you with quality looks. Just like a solid SEO strategy with mounds of great blog posts. The all-star small forward is relentless. The posts just keep coming.

I’d give Durant a weekly blog posting gig, wouldn’t you?

4 – Power Forward (Links)

Dirk likes links. Power Forwards do it all, rebound, score, defend. A link from is like having Dirk on your SEO team swishing fadeaway jump shots all night long. With enough quality links, even if your site is more Washington Wizards than LA Lakers you can still get traffic from organic search.

Dirk will get you links from anywhere, anytime. He could get you links blindfolded on one foot.

5 – Center (Killer Content/Service)

A killer service or application is your anchor. Quora is a great example. Just the service itself attracts links and traffic like a boss. Evergreen content can be an anchor for your team as well. A killer center can get even a crappy team into the playoffs every year (Orlando Magic anyone?).

Dwight Howard always attracts attention. Does your site or service?

Photo by KeithAllison


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