[Survey] Most Common In-House SEO KPIs

In-House SEO Survey

Couple of months ago we conducted a quick survey among in-house SEOs. We wanted to find out what are the most common KPIs they use (or have to use) to report on their progress. We also wanted to find out if they are happy with those KPIs and if not, what would they like to track instead.

Below are our findings.

Size of Companies That Responded

First of all, it’s worth to mention the breakdown of types of companies that responded to our survey.



KPIs We Identified

Before proceeding with the research, we identified 22 of what we thought would be the most common KPIs used by in-house SEOs. We presented the list to our respondents and asked them to pick 3, in order of importance. The 22 KPIs we used were (in no particular order):

  • Rankings
  • Traffic
  • Branded
  • Non Branded
  • No. of Links
  • Bounce Rate
  • Avg. Time on Site
  • Pages per Visit
  • New Visits
  • Conversion from top search terms
  • Revenue attributed to specific search terms
  • % of Keywords on Page One
  • Domain Authority
  • CTR
  • Goals Completion
  • PR
  • CTA Clicks
  • Site searches
  • Referral Traffic
  • No. of Landing Pages
  • Visitor Loyalty
  • Leads

Survey Results

Conversion from top search terms36%
Goals Completion32%
Revenue attributed to specific search terms – sales28%
New Visits20%
Avg. Time on Site16%
No. of Landing Pages16%
No. of Links12%
Bounce Rate12%
Referral Traffic12%
Non Branded8%
% of Keywords on Page One8%
Domain Authority8%
CTA Clicks8%
Visitor Loyalty8%
Pages per Visit4%
Site searches0%


Are In-House SEOs Happy with Their KPIs?

Next we asked our respondents if they are happy with reporting on those KPIs



We also asked those respondents who answered no, what other KPIs would you prefer to report on. Most mentioned the very ones that made the top of our list anyway:

  • New visits,
  • time on site,
  • visitor loyalty,
  • Branded/non-branded traffic and revenue split,
  • Conversion from top search terms,
  • revenue attributed to specific search terms

Important factors when establishing KPIs

Lastly, we asked what are the most important factors when establishing KPIs. Here are some of the answers:

It really depends on what is planned to achieve. Basically, as a marketer, I do set KPI’s according  what need to be accomplished. Say for the bounce rate, this KPI specifically helps figure out that an on-page campaign or a page directly correlates with search term thus it is important to not this KPI when measuring user interaction and reaction to a page.

“good communication and education between consultant and client – as this relates to serps.com,  ways to make the data more digestible for clients while maintaining good data for consultants.”

“1- The user journey that you want your users to follow

2- KPIs will come in every step within the  journey”

Accuracy of available data. Comparable to other marketing channels. Applicability of KPIs to the  business (the Exec aren’t going to care about PR or DA).

“Understanding your company’s core business and finding the KPIs that speak to your specific business requirements.”

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