5 Easy Ways to Thank Your Clients (Not Only With Great Work)

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Making a small thank you gesture to a client might seem insignificant and not worth doing. It can however help you strengthen business relationships and tie them to your agency.

Most of us have learnt early on of the importance to thank others, especially those who put their trust in you. Perhaps we hurt close relatives by being ungrateful. Perhaps it was something else. One thing’s for sure, we quickly discovered the value of thanking others.

Business is no different. Customers often have no choice but to trust you. All they work with is the promise you’ve made. Given the uncertainly nature of SEO, they should be rewarded for that.

But how to do it in a world where everyone is already sending thank you cards, gift baskets or bottles or wine? How to stand out from the crowd and make an impact, strengthening business relationships at the same time?

Here are some suggestions.

Be Personal

Jennifer Martin, a San Francisco based business consultant sends her clients a small thank you gift, one that is also supposed to remind them what they set out to achieve. “I send my clients a small plant that they can keep on their desk that they can watch grow, just like their business (I’m a business consultant who helps small business owners understand what they need to do differently to achieve their goals).

Coldsweep, an industrial cleaning company goes the other way. They send their clients a gift they would never expect – beef jerky (yes, you heard it right).  And, it works. As Randell Heath, Coldsweeps owner says: “None of my customers are talking about how good the hat we gave them a few years ago is, but I guarantee they remember the first piece of beef jerky they got from Coldsweep. Even our FedEx driver calls me “The Beef Jerky Guy”!”

Be Creative

Sometimes it’s not the biggest gift that matters, or the most expensive but the one that truly stands out front he crowd. And, you don’t even need to spend much to achieve that.

In fact, lack of funds helped Darci McConnell from McConnell Communications to make an impact when she launched her business. She sent her clients a very personal (and home made gift) – her baking. “When I founded my company 10 years ago – says Darci – I couldn’t afford to send my clients some high end gift baskets. So instead, I baked. I made double chocolate brownies, pies, etc. When I finally had the budget to buy the more ambitious items, the longstanding clients preferred the baked goods. So generally, that’s what I do every holiday; I bake.

In my old business, we used to send our clients a lottery ticket, or bring one with us to meetings or  sales calls. And yes, some clients won a little cash, some didn’t. It cost us almost nothing to buy a ticket but all of our clients and prospects remembered it.

Show Clients That You Remember About Them, Outside of Their Business

Brad Farris from Anchor Advisors puts this idea into action whenever he gets a chance. As he says: “I had a client who told me that her dream was to live half the year in Arizona. I found a beautiful coffee table book about the part of Arizona that she loved.”

Refer or Promote Your Clients

Helping clients get more business or exposure is another way to tell them how much you care. OwnerListens thanks their clients by trying to gain as much publicity for their clients, reposting their Facebook posts or referring them to a reporter when someone on HARO is looking for businesses that excel at customer service. Adi Bittain, the owner of OwnerListens confirms that “our customers are extremely appreciative of the help.”

Others do a client spotlight on their blog or social media. By doing so, you’ll be sending traffic to their site and reinforcing the idea how important they are for your business.

Build a Personal Relationship

Sometimes there is no need to send anything. A lunch, a clients only event or a small trip are enough to say thank you and strengthen a business relationship.

In my old business we used to take our best clients to lunch once a month and created a special monthly training sessions for them only. Needless to say, either of them resulted in better business relationships and more orders.

Your Turn

What are your ways to thank clients for doing business with you? Share them in the comments!

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  1. great points elaborated above. keeping clients happy not only improves the relationship but also deepens the trust which the clients put in any organization. Increasing trusts benefits the company on the whole by getting to do more business with them.

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