The 10 Best SEO Agency Websites

We analyzed over 400 SEO agency websites across the largest markets in the US. These 10 caught Brittany’s eye the most and made the very selective cut into the top 10. ~ Scott

Commerce Kitchen

Being a little dramatic while using hyperbolic phrases like “best blogger alive” makes this site fun, accessible, and most importantly: user friendly. The comic book feel to the site makes visitors feel like they’ve entered another world–like Gotham or Metropolis–and the crew at Commerce Kitchen (formally, Denver SEO Spamfighters) specialize in getting their clients business. The easy to navigate tabs on the top allow visitors to quickly find what they’re looking for, and the vertical content guides visitors down the page where one can find profiles of each team member’s superhero alter ego. You’ve got to be pretty creative to pull off this theme, convincing your visitors the employees are super designers and SEOs, with cape, spandex and all. And then there is the info ninja… Don’t forget the nunchucks!


A visitor to Sq1’s site has a few options: he or she can take the shortcut and head straight for the tabs on the top of the webpage for the 411 on this SEO agency, or one can slowly discover new things about this unique company by the additional homepage goodies it offers. The page explodes with visual content, both photo and video, but it doesn’t stop there. They summarize who they are, which quickly helps a visitor decide if they’ve found the right place. The homepage communicates the company’s relational attitude by displaying photo booth-style portraits of the company’s cheerful looking employees, and they’re going out on a limb to show potential clients that they are safe–and might even have some fun–in Sq1’s hands. Another quirky addition to the homepage is the interactive office update that allows visitors to see how many dogs are in the office, how many scooters have been used that day, how many yoga poses have been mastered and how many cups of coffee drank. Who says working with an SEO agency has to be boring?


The homepage of this Portland-Vancouver integrated marketing company quickly communicates what they’re all about: they help plant seeds for businesses to grow. And they don’t just tell visitors this, they show them. The page’s lush graphics show a company whose expertise has helped companies flourish. But really, just look a little lower on the homepage and you’ll see a few of their impressive clients who they’ve had “the pleasure of working with.” The thematic elements of the homepage and the company’s goals are cohesive, creating a great layout that promotes growth.


The homepage of this Denver agency is the epitome of sleek. The site is a glimpse into the great design the company offers, that not only makes websites look good but helps them stand out in the crowd of SERPs. There is cohesion of good content, design and organization all wrapped into one homepage which easily gives visitors access to NewMedia’s company profile, contact info, featured projects, live twitter feed and simple contact form for quick customer service. This site pretty much offers it all as far as SEO agencies go.

Nitro Interactive Marketing

This is a website that takes user-friendly to a new level. The content is clear cut and to the point. There aren’t blocks of information, and users don’t need to scroll down the page to find what they’re looking for. It’s all right in front of them, with tabs and buttons galore waiting to be explored. The company is on every well-known social media website known to man, so there’s a good chance potential clients will find out if Nitro is a good fit for their needs, which one finds out right away upon entering the site. Want success stories? Curious to know how what “cutting edge techniques” this company has developed to help get their customers better results? Yeah, me too. The site makes the company seem so intriguing and mysterious, begging to be asked out on a date.


Watch out because this San Francisco company’s site was voted Site of the Day by the
cssawards. So CLEARLY it’s going to be on this list. What first convinced me this site was a winner were the in- sync visual effects at the top of the page with cursor movement. It’s a small touch but it contributes to the site’s techie and sleek modern design. The economy of words and graphics creates a minimal vibe that is both appealing and user-friendly. And the site doesn’t just look good, the company offers services that combine vision, wonder, innovation, openness and accessibility. Thus, “Vonnda” was born.

Tasty Placement

What instantly captures my attention as I enter this site is the visually appealing image slider at the top of the homepage. It’s informative but not overbearing, similar to the rest of the page which offers a lot of information for how organized it is. With the drop down tabs at the top of the page visitors can quickly and easily browse Tasty Placement’s services, without being burdened by too much content in a small amount of space. This site’s design is… What’s the word? Tasty. Just like the placement they claim to give their customers’ websites.

Fahrenheit Marketing

This Austin marketing agency’s website grabs the visitor by the tie, or t-shirt if you’re like me, and brings him or her in close to experience this user-friendly site. It is interactive with its small and non-obtrusive chat box in the lower right hand corner, letting you know someone is available to chat, but it doesn’t force you–like some of those virtual people that pop up and talk to you as soon as you enter a site. They openly offer all their contact info, begging for visitors to let them know how they can be of service. When I enter this site I feel like a welcomed long lost relative, and the employees of Fahrenheit definitely show their southern hospitality by showing the love to their clients, according to their impressive credentials and portfolio.

People To My Site

Here’s an SEO agency whose website gives the impression that they are here to divide and conquer. Or maybe work together and conquer, that’s more like it. I appreciate their straightforward attitude. Their navigation tabs read: “We Do,” “We’ve Done,” “We Are” and “We’re Here.” It’s clear there is a team behind the simple and minimal graphic design of the website’s homepage that is confident in the work it does. The website’s design exudes confidence, a must have when working with an agency.

Edge Marketing & Consulting 

This Philadelphia SEO agency asks visitors: Do you want more business? And our answer is (in unison), “Yes!” Their informative site gives visitors all the facts, and lets them know how Edge Marketing & Consulting can help. The easily noticeable and accessible social media buttons allow visitors to get to know the company more personally, before making any commitments. And their simple design layout makes the website easy to navigate. I appreciate that one doesn’t have to be an SEO or marketing expert to understand what Edge Marketing is offering in their services. They lay out the process and results for business owners, and make promises that will help them succeed.