What To Do When Your Audience is Bored?

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There is a lot of information about creating an engaging content, one that will earn you recognition, authority and links. But very little is said about what to do when your audience will get tired of you, when the last thing they’ll want to do is to visit your site again.

But it happens.

Sometimes they’ll just had enough. It doesn’t matter if you offer insightful advice and how hard you work to maintain this level. Nor it matters that thanks to you they solved many problems.

Sometimes, all this advice is too much.

Some obvious signs of this include:

  • a drop in the number of comments
  • increasing bounce rate
  • RSS numbers going down
  • the majority of visits being new visitors coming from Google (and often viewing one page only)

If you think that you are boring your audience, consider doing this one thing:

Entertain them. Mix things up a little. Perhaps they would do with a bit of fun.

You see, you don’t have to educate your audience all the time, or at least you don’t have to be dry and formal. Spice up your content by adding a variety of content types.

Here are few suggestions:

1. Interviews

Oh don’t deny it, you secretly like to take a peak into the lives of the people you admire or look up to. So does your audience. An interview with a big name in your industry can inspire them, offer insights they might have been looking for while entertaining them at the same time.

This is exactly what we do with our Link Building as a Business interview series.

2. Memes

Who doesn’t like an occasional fun with memes? Poke fun at someone else’s expense? I am sure you secretly check them out on failblog or other meme sites. Not to mention the ones forwarded to you on Facebook.

Memes are funny, catchy, memorable. And, they are quite easy to create. You can create memes very quickly with software like Meme Generator (Mac only though but I am sure it has a Windows counterpart).

Here’s an example how Stand Out Sales pokes fun at selling with their sales meme.

3.  Quizzes

Test your audiences knowledge. Since you have been educating them so much, why not see how much they have learnt from you? Quizzes can be real fun, especially if you do them tongue and cheek style.

We did it last year by testing how much attention our readers paid to Google’s Matt Cutts’ announcements. The quiz is still live by the way, if you want to test your knowledge too.

4. Cartoons and Comic Strips

Cartoons and comic strips provide that extra bit of fun to your blog. They beat video, partially because they are so instant. It will take a while to produce video to comment on recent events but a comic strip or a cartoon can be done in an instant (especially if you have the scene set and all you need is a tagline).

We do and it takes nothing to create our cartoon, like this one, the first cartoon in our “SEO in the boardroom” series, poking fun at spam SEO companies.

5. Videos

Videos are perceived as a very powerful marketing tool. Small businesses might be a bit behind in implementing it but they are doing a great job at it too. What stops many from engaging in videos is the perceived cost. There is a workaround though – Vine or Instagram videos. They are short, dead simple to produce but can unleash a whole new level of creativity on your blog. Just check out what IKEA does with it.

6. Surveys / Research

Surveys might seem like dry data only but if done well, they can provide a good insight into industry issues. And their unique format means they work better than a blog post. We recently tested this too with an in-house SEO KPIs survey.

7. Apps

Yes, apps are content too. And they can be entertaining and helpful. You can create apps that are pure fun but you can also give away small tools for free to promote your business at the same time (like we do with our free SEO tools).

TL:DRSometimes your audience has enough of your advice. It helps, true but there is only so much they can take. They are bored. And if that’s the case, you need to spice up your content with different content types. Quizzes, memes, videos, cartoons or interviews can add life to your site, while still providing insight and education you are striving for.

Creative Commons Image by Adam Binslev / Flickr

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