White label SERPs’ SEO software for your agency or office

We finished a slew of new features for our agency customers in the past few weeks that will let you run our SEO software on your own domain, 100% white-labeled, for under $200 a month.

Successful SEO and online marketing agencies do a balance of great work and great communication to their clients about their work. This latest release focuses on providing you the tools you need to communicate your successes to your clients in a seamless brand experience.

Custom Domains – Reporting software on your own site in 60 minutes

Want your own reporting software? Done. With SERPs new custom domain feature, you simply choose a custom domain or subdomain on your own site, setup a CNAME record to serps.com, and within an hour you have fully branded SEO software solution for your clients or company.

Learn more about how to setup your own custom domain or about our SEO software for digital agencies.

Your logo…everywhere

It’s important when installing a login on your own site that the software match your brand as much as possible. With multiple logo upload options, we make your logo look great in the software and in reports.

Custom Login Screen:

Your logo in rankings reports:

Our goal is to make online marketers and SEOs’ work shine. It’s sometimes hard to communicate the value of SEO to a client or CMO. We’re hoping this release makes it a little easier to show off your quality work.

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