Why White Hats Will Win (Finally!)

google penguin update crushing spam links
I can haz spam links?

” wow this really sucks” 😉 – a well known Grey Hat SEO

For years Google has said, “Don’t spam. Don’t build crappy links. Focus on the user”

And for years there has been little to no consequence for ignoring those warnings completely.

That all changed last week.

The ‘Penguin’ update absolutely decimated the business model of thousands agencies and SEOs charging $500/month for $30 of crappy links each month. Absolutely destroyed.

I don’t have a problem with the grey-hat, low level stuff…as long as:

  1. It’s your own site that you own and control or
  2. Your client is fully aware of the tactics you are using

If you are using grey-hat techniques on client’s sites without disclosing that to them…shame on you.

The epic destruction caused by Panda and it’s iterations and now Penguin has destroyed the sweat-shop like SEO firm model. It’s over. Done.

Paid links still work when done well, and even grey-hat stuff will always work in certain cases for certain sites. But it’s no longer a long-term strategy, especially for sites that you don’t own or sites that you care about long-term.

The long-term effect is that White Hat SEOs are going to win. SEOs who disclose their tactics and education their clients will retain them.

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