Clicks and Clients was founded in 2003 by Paul Rakovich and specializes in online marketing for plastic surgeons, dermatologists, dentists, law firms, apparel companies, and professional writers, and advises other internet marketing agencies on performance-based

[The following is an excerpt from a review of SERPs, written by Clicks and Clients – it was originally posted on their website here.]

“…Whether it’s a new a client or one you have had for a few years, SERPs makes what we do for SEO possible.

For a new client, you see where it ranks in keywords and search before you take over. It gives you the starting point and what you need to change and where to change it. Paired with Google Webmaster Tools, and Screaming Frog, it’s the only way to conduct site audits.

The site structure audits we do will ultimately result in a significant amount of key learnings for us. We complete a checklist review of your website to look for larger indexing, crawl ability and duplication issues. We’ll also identify key metrics where the site needs improvement.

Without the benefit of SERPs, there’s no way we could track the keywords and their effectiveness. (There are other tools out there that do work similar to SERPs, but we feel it is the best). You get an idea of the competition for the keywords with Webmaster Tools you want to use when you do a site audit but you can’t track it and see the effectiveness of them after that. You would probably have to do an individual Google search for each keyword you choose to see the competition and where you rank. That’s incredibly time consuming, and if you have multiple clients, it would be impossible to make it work.

You would miss something but how would you track or record it if you did it this way? Would you do that every day? That doesn’t sound like a wise use of time, nor does it benefit the client in any way.

SERPs also proves its value by offering daily reports to ensure everything still works and there aren’t any problems. If you want to test something new, do it and see how it does. You don’t have to check your dashboard every day, but it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to check all of your clients’ reports…

…When SERPS is combined with Screaming Frog, our jobs are made possible. We do what we do because of these tools. The success we have as a company is connected to the success we bring to our companies in SEO. SERPs makes SEO possible.”

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