Wayfair (NYSE:W) is one of the world’s leading destinations for furniture and décor and reported over a billion dollars in revenue last year.
As an online-only retailer, understanding and maximizing the search marketplace is an essential component of the company’s impressive yearly growth. To accomplish this, Wayfair tracks rankings for 40 thousand keywords daily, importing the data into their proprietary in-house tracking systems to be analyzed by their in-house SEO team.www.wayfair.com

Why did Wayfair switch to SERPs.com?

When Google finally took away the rest of our keyword data in 2013, tracking keyword rankings became more important than ever. To an experienced SEO team, that ranking data is an elegant tool for a more civilized age, and is now our best way to measure keyword performance on pages, departments, page types, and the site as a whole. With the loss of keyword data, we needed to greatly expand our keyword rank tracking. With SERPS.com we increased it fivefold.Daily rank tracking is a huge advantage to SEOs, particularly when managing large sites and many sites. With a continuous deploy environment at Wayfair.com, we often have over 40 code deploys a day. Inevitably some accidents slip through our safeguards now and again, and the first sign we see of it might be a drop in our organic traffic. Daily rank tracking really helps us to identify exactly when major rank changes happen, which we can use to compare against code deploys and known algorithm changes. This has already helped us to identify and repair issues that would otherwise have hurt our traffic much longer, as well as more precisely tie positive rank changes to actions we took. It’s hard to imagine going back to weekly averages.

One of the things I love most about SERPs.com is that it isn’t trying to be an all-in-one SEO solution that peppers me with questionable automated SEO recommendations. Instead SERPs.com gives me the data I need to do my own analysis, and because I’m not paying for all the bells and whistles that are more distraction than action, I’m able to track more keywords for more sites in more countries and more often, to give me more data. If knowledge is power and half the battle, then I want as much information as I can get with as few distractions as possible.

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