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Zazzle Media is a cutting edge content marketing and SEO agency from the UK connecting businesses with the most influential people on the web and helping them achieve great things together.

What’s your role at Zazzle?

Managing Director

What’s your day to day work look like?

I am in charge of people and strategy here. I try to lead our thought leadership approach and ensure I am supporting our brilliant team heads.

Before using SERPs, what were you using to track SEO progress?

We tried many many tools – everything from AWR to Moz and back again but wanted a more reliable yet simple daily tracking system that had built in flexibility. SERPs is working brilliantly and we see no reason why we would ever have to create our own system as a result.

Are you able to be more productive with a tool like SERPs?

In terms of spotting problems and opportunities, absolutely. Our data and account teams use it a lot in keeping our clients and client strategies on track.

Do you track many rankings outside the US?

We track local for several clients where relevant. Most of our clients are US/UK/Australia, so we predominantly track these regions but we also work across Europe.

Would you recommend SERPs to other SEO or marketing professionals? (besides your competitors of course!)

Of course. We have trialed them all and see no reason to change.

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