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The latest (not provided) % for Google traffic in the US is 93.03%.

To calculate your % of (not provided) traffic, simply take the count of (not provided) visitors in a period over the count of organic traffic from Google.

Current % (USA)

93.03 %


Mo. Change (USA)

-1.1 %

vs 2015-10-30

Year Change (US)

+3.8 %

vs 2014-11-26

Current % (Global)

84.45 %


(not provided) links & resources

Danny Sullivan's history of "Dark Google" covers the year mark since Google went "dark" in Oct 2011. It's a great overview of why and how (not provided) came to be: Dark Google.

(not provided) shows in Google Analytics because no longer pass keyword referrer information from logged-in users. This means that publishers who use Google Analytics will no longer have access to the keywords that searchers used to reach their site, provided that searcher was logged into a Google account. Google originally announced this should impact 10% of all organic search queries.

SpyderTrap has a great timeline overview of the contributing events that have led to the rise of (not provided) in the past 2 years.

Below are some of the top articles surrounding this event.

How many keywords are affected?

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