An SEO data warehouse by

DataLab gives you unprecedented access to your search data for analysis, experimentation, and the development of insights that would otherwise be a terrible, terrible, diamond-encrusted beast to obtain.

Query Ranking Data in Limitless Ways

The SERPs DataLab platform records the top 50 results (as well as elements like featured snippets) for each of your keywords, every day, and makes that data available to query in virtually limitless ways using a SQL-like interface.

Use or customize one of the dozens of queries from our Query Library or write your own queries from scratch.

Awesome Insights

Track all of your competitors based on the number of keywords that have in common with you or drill down and focus on just the ones that are outranking you.

See what keywords or keyword groups (tags) are triggering special results features like Knowledge Box and Featured Snippets.

Filter and Visualize Results

Use the built in filters to create pivot tables of results, and or visualize data using a number of built-in charting options.

Custom Dashboards

Pull query result tables or visualizations directly into custom dashboards easily with dashboard widgets. Dashboards or individual queries can be set to update automatically or on demand.

Collaborate with your Team

Share dashboards, reports between team members. Easily fork and edit queries from other team members to create new insights and reports.


Set automatic alerts to email you when results fall outside a pre-defined parameters. For instance, set an alert if top-10 rankings for a particular tag group rise above a certain number.

Want to see what unrestricted big data analysis could do for your SEO strategy?

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