The ultimate search ranking data solution.

High Scalability

Tracking hundreds or even thousands of keywords is pretty straight forward. Tracking hundreds of thousands or even millions of keywords, every day, takes some pretty serious engineering.

Whether it’s for ecommerce sites with thousands of products, or businesses with hundreds or even thousands of locations, SERPs Dedicated allows SEOs to capture and analyze massive amounts of ranking data. We know of no other platform that can scale to this level in a cost effective way.

Real Time Support

Dedicated customers receive real-time chat support from our engineering team.

Exceptional Performance

As the name implies, SERPs Dedicated customers receive prioritized performance and a dedicated server for their data – ensuring speed, reliability and security.

Custom Reporting

Our engineers can assist Dedicated customers in developing custom dashboards and reports – speeding up analysis and letting your team focus on strategy rather than data-wrangling in spreadsheets.

SERPs DataLab

The SERPs DataLab platform records the top 50 results (as well as elements like featured snippets) for each of your keywords, every day, and makes that data available to query in virtually limitless ways using a SQL-like interface.


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