Keyword Tagging

Organize large keyword sets and segment aggregated rankings data any way you want.

rank tracking data - keyword taggingMany of our clients, especially those working for agencies and large e-commerce websites, need to track a high volume of keywords – and while aggregated rankings data for their full keyword set can serve as a good indicator of overall performance, it falls far short of telling their whole rankings story.

People classify and track groups of keywords for different reasons – keywords may be targeting different audience segments, representing different product/service offerings and categories, they may be a part of a particular SEO experiment or strategy, and so on.

Luckily, SERPs’ robust keyword tagging feature makes it easy to segment your keywords in whichever way makes most sense for you.

Because you’re able to assign multiple tags to a single keyword, there’s no limit to the number of different groups a particular keyword can belong to, or different ways (including degree of granularity) those groups can be broken down.

How tagging works in the SERPs app:

  • Select a keyword from your keyword list, or select multiple keywords to apply a tag to all selected keywords at once.
  • Click the tag icon and enter a new tag or select an existing one.
  • Add as many tags to as many different keywords as you want.
  • Now you can filter your keyword list by tag(s) – by searching for specific tags in the search field, and/or by clicking on the tags themselves listed next to each keyword.
  • The aggregate keyword ranking data displayed in the upper portion of the app here will always automatically reflect the data for the keywords currently listed. So if, for example, you’ve filtered your keyword list to see only keywords with the tag “shoes”, the aggregate keyword data above will include only data from keywords with the “shoes” tag.
  • Removing tags from keywords is just as easy – simply select keywords and click the tag icon (just as you did to add tags), but hold down the shift key to display tag removal options.

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