Local Rank Tracking Software

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Track by City or Zip Code

Not every city is recognized by Google as a geographic search location, so SERPs also provides the option of entering your target location by zip code.

International Rankings

Track international keyword rankings for over 100 countries worldwide.

Organic and Local-Pack Listings

Track both local organic search results, as well as results in Google’s local-pack. SERPs makes it easy to distinguish between, and analyze, each.

Daily Data

Daily updates and on-demand data means improved accuracy, fewer surprises, less risk, and an overall tighter grip on your search strategy.

Mobile, Desktop & Tablet

Track and filter local rankings across any device.

Why Track Local GEO Rankings?

If you’re working on local SEO it’s important to know how your site is performing in specific locations vs. just a national result. Gone are the days of having to include city modifiers in keywords to do that. Our SERPs platform allows you to track rankings for as many city or zip codes per keyword as you need to report on.

Similarly, with SERPs you can also track Google+ Local Business listings. We allow you to separate out local places rankings from organic rankings results so you can easily analyze both.

Output awesome reports to your clients or superiors and even add your own commentary whenever you need to. It’s all available at the touch of a button.

How SERPs Finds Local Maps Keyword Rankings

SERPs will track any time your website shows up in a “local-pack”. Often these local packs are triggered when users are searching for a local service like a plumber, or other contractor. We currently count these listings and store them along side organic rankings.

See Organic Rankings Separate from Local Maps Letter Positions

Since SERPs tracks both organic rankings and local maps rankings, we also make it easy to separately analyze the two sets.

You can view all your maps rankings, or just your organic rankings, or both at once.

How To Get Rankings From Any City or Zip Code

SERPs can also return results similar to if a user is searching from a specific city or zip code. That way if you own a pizza franchise and wish to know where you rank for the generic keyword “Pizza” in 100 cities, SERPs can track the results in all 100 different cities.