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Daily rank tracking

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Effortlessly track keyword rankings.

SERPs shows your current rank, along side changes in rankings since yesterday, last week, last month, and since you started tracking the keyword. It's the rank tracker you've always wanted.

Your clients or boss will love this because you can show them progress over time. Simple, powerful.

No software to download. No proxies needed.

Never worry about getting your IP address blocked by Google because you tried to update more than a dozen rankings at once. runs totally in the cloud, there is no software to download.

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Powerful local rank tracking

SERPs can track a keyword in a hundred different cities, so you can see how you are performing in Jackson, WY or Jacksonville, FL. See our local keyword rank tracking page for more info on how we handle Google+ local pages.

With multi-country support you can also see how your site is performing in different countries around the world.

Local rank tracking of keywords for SEO

Google Analytics integration

SERPs integrates with Google Analytics so you can see exactly which keywords and rankings are sending your website the most organic traffic each day.

You can even plot organic traffic and rankings together to see correlations between ranking position and organic traffic.

Google Analytics integration with SERPs SEO Software

Easily track thousands of keywords.

Never even think about the hassles of rank tracking again. Spot rankings gains and losses easily, and get back to work.

When you add new keywords to track in SERPs, we go out and grab the realtime Google & Yahoo rankings for all your new keywords. You get instant value and insights from your subscription. No waiting 24-48 hours to get rankings.

Jeff Gregory,

“Prior to using SERPs, we would not have been able to diagnose the cause for losing sales because we would have been essentially blind to the ranking dips and would have looked elsewhere for the problem. But with SERPs, we were able to discover that it was a search issue within 30 minutes.”

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– Jeff Gregory,

Matt Brooks

“Our biggest gain with SERPS was the access to real-time data and tracking the impact of rankings as we make changes to website and backlink profiles. It’s a great tool for us to monitor our SEO progress, and to see the immediate impacts of Google algorithm and filter updates.”

– Matt Brooks,

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