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White-Labeled App & Reports

Customize SERPs with your logo and colors to fit your brand. Learn more about white-label options.

Bulk Keyword Rank Checker

Great for audits and sales pitches. Create ad-hoc reports for hundreds of keyword rankings for any site in minutes, and generate a white-labeled report of your findings to show clients where you can help them improve.

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Custom Client Logins

SERPs lets you create an unlimited number of custom-permission client logins, so your clients can check the status of their campaigns at any time directly from our white-labeled app.

Unlimited users and campaigns

With no limit on tracked domains or user logins, you can easily manage all of your agency’s projects under one subscription.

Track by City or Zip Code

Not every city is recognized by Google as a geographic search location, so SERPs also provides the option of entering your target location by zip code.

Mobile, Desktop & Tablet

Track and filter local rankings across any device.

Organic and Local-Pack Listings

Track both local organic search results, as well as results in Google’s local-pack. SERPs makes it easy to distinguish between, and analyze, each.

Daily Data

Daily updates and on-demand data means improved accuracy, fewer surprises, less risk, and an overall tighter grip on your search strategy.

Keyword Tagging

Organize and analyze large numbers of keywords with ourkeyword tagging system.

Google Analytics Integration

Compare and correlate organic traffic with rankings.

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