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Ever wondered if your SEO tactics are actually working?

It’s time to stop wasting time on SEO tactics that aren’t working and focus on the strategies and tactics that payoff long-term.

Proving SEO takes many data points.

Just tracking one metric alone to prove if your website is performing better in organic search is not enough. You should be tracking multiple data points to be able to prove that your SEO is working or not to a client, boss, or just yourself.

How to do it in a spreadsheet.

Pick the 2 or 3 metrics that you measure SEO success by. For this example we are going to use: 1. Google ranking 2. Google organic traffic at the keyword level 3. Google organic traffic at the URL level.

Now, choose a date when you first started your SEO tactic that you’d like to test. This could be a new big link you acquired, or an on-page change you want to track the impact of.

Update the 3 data points each day. Repeat daily. Check in after a week, 4 weeks, 8 weeks.

Updating that spreadsheet daily takes a lot of effort that SERPs’ tests tool could handle for you automatically.


seo-correlation-test (1)

The easier way to see if your SEO is working.

With your account, you can set up a SEO correlation test in just 2 minutes.

With the SEO tests feature, you can select a SEO tactic or event and tie it to a time, as well as URL and keyword (optional).

Every day SERPs will record the ranking of the selected keyword as well as the change in organic traffic to the URL and Google keyword over time.

Why clients & bosses love this

By being able to prove that your tactics are working, you’ll be able to keep clients around longer, and impress your boss (if you have one!).

Start discovering if your SEO is working

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