Free SEO Tools

Free Keyword Rank Checker

Spot check global and local rankings

Finally a simple keyword rank checker that works.

Easily check keywords in any country or location in Google or Yahoo. See where your site ranks through top 100 positions.

Keyword Rank Checker

Free Keyword Idea Tool

SEPRs Keyword Suggestion Tool

Get keyword ideas from multiple sources in one spot. Similar to Ubersuggest, but with CPC and volume estimates for each suggestion.

Generate keyword ideas and suggestions from Google, Bing, Youtube and more.

Ubersuggest Alternative - Get Keyword Ideas

SERPs Volatility

Google Update For Everyone or Just Me?

Ever wanted to know if a Google update hit your site, or everyone? Now you can.

See 30 & 90-Day charts of how much Google & Yahoo are updating based on a 1,000-site volatility index.

You can even compare your site with the index to see if an update helped or hurt your website.

View Volatility Charts

My Favorite Free SEO Tools from around the Web

This list by founder Scott Krager

The great thing about the SEO industry is how many great free tools exist around the web. These are some of my favorites from around the web, and ones that I use on a weekly basis.

Rich Snippets / Schema Markup Tools

Name Author Comments Link
Rich Snippets Testing Tool Google Check if your authorship markup is correct. Works for all structured data types now (Reviews, Places, Offers, Events, etc)
Microdata Generator Steven Ferrino Great little tool for generating tags for a local business. Just fill out a few forms and copy/paste the HTML.
Authorsure Russell Jamieson Wordpress plug that makes it easier to authenticate Authorship with Google using use rel=me, rel=author and rel=publisher links

Site Speed Tools

Name Author Comments Link
Webpagetest Google My favorite feature here is the ability to watch a video of the test to get a real sense of what a new visitors sees.
PageSpeed Insights Google Google's pagespeed tool gives a 1-100 score of any URL on the web and suggestions of how to improve page load time.
GTmetrix Gossamer Threads Similar suggestions to the others, but has great help tooltips on what each recommendation means. Great interface. Also does a nice video playback, as well as mobile video playback.